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5 Ways to Get Into the Flow in Your Life and Work

Here are five things you can do to find your flow in your life and in your work.
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When was the last time you experienced the state of flow? This is when you are totally focused on what you are doing. Time flies past. Nothing else exists. You perform at your best. You are operating at your peak. This is what it feels like to be in the flow.

For many years, I did not know how to get into the flow when I needed it. I could feel 'in flow' when I was jogging, but I wanted to feel this way when I worked too.

As a student, I didn't feel in flow when I was doing exercises or reading course books. Searching for my own flow made me realize that many things I was doing were not really for me. To find my flow, I had to focus on my dreams first, and let the flow come step by step. The first thing that gave me this feeling of being in the flow was when I signed up for a course on psychotherapy and family therapy. When I was listening to my professor, something wonderful happened and I started visualizing myself doing psychotherapy with my clients.

I loved that feeling. I realized that I felt most in flow when talking to people and supporting them. When creating this special kind of bond. This is my flow.

This lead me to discover my profession as a coach, where I can support others and write with inspiration, not responding to emails, creating excel files and doing all of this office work - I never felt that I'm in the flow doing all of that. The only moment when I felt in the flow when I was in my office space, was when I was writing inspiring texts. This was another discovery that led me to write books. This is another experience which I really like. Being in flow when you work is an amazing feeling -- and I want to help you feel this way as much as possible.

Discover your flow.

It can be in your job, it can be in your private life. When you will feel the fun of living, the fun of being here, you will be in the flow. Follow your dreams, your passion, and you will fill your life with flow.

Start enjoying life in a private and professional area. Even the hated and disliked duties could make you feel good and fulfilled.

Finding your flow will guarantee it.

Here are five things you can do to find your flow in your life and in your work.

1. Try Many Different Things

How can you change the way you work? Experiment with what you do, try doing things differently and find out what happens when you change even something small. Not everything will work, but you may discover something that does.

2. Answer The Question "What Is Closest To Your Heart?"

My feeling of being in the flow was produced only by things which are close to me. Close to my soul. Close to my heart. If you would like to create more flow in your life, research and follow your dreams. Follow what has meaning to you.

3. It's Never Too Late To Change Your Mind.

Working with people was my flow, but I have a close friend who is the exact opposite. She graduated from psychology and psychotherapy but eventually discovered that she prefers to work with numbers. She loves to work with spreadsheets and all of that. So she started another job and she became an accountant. Working with people was a hardship for her, but she realized she can find her flow with numbers. Don't hesitate then because is never too late to discover a new self!

4. Focus On Yourself

My friend gets her flow from working with numbers. Mine comes from working with people. What is important here is that being in the flow is something different for everybody. One person can be in the flow by making recordings, another person can be in the flow by doing statistics, another might want to count money or call people. It can be completely different for you and for me.

5. What Gets You In Flow My Surprise You

I love vacuum cleaning my house. I know many people who hate vacuuming but when I'm vacuum cleaning the house I'm in flow. Some people feel in flow when washing the dishes or cooking dinner. Be open to flow in all areas of your life. When it happens, enjoy it.