5 Ways To Get Ready For A New Year New You

Let's face it- so many people plan on working on new goals once January 1 comes around, and many of those goals  revolve around losing weight and getting healthier.   Everyone spends time figuring out a "diet plan" when they also need to learn about how to go about eating properly! 

  1. Drink plenty of water If you stay hydrated you will be less likely to confuse thirst with hunger and reach for a snacks instead of a glass of water.  It is important to be drinking anywhere from 2-3 liters off water a day!  Just remember that eggnog does not count, you may feel that you are getting enough liquid but it is extremely important to be getting just water!  So remember to throw in a glass of water between those holiday cocktails! 
  2. Knowing when to eat and not to eat Do you know when you're hungry?  Many people don't, and it can take a long time- 6-8 hours for our body to tell us we need to eat!  There are lots of times we THINK we are hungry, however- when we smell good smells,  see something yummy, or even being asked if we want something to eat!  Its hard to learn to recognize when you are truly hungry, but  its important to know if it's real hunger or just a craving.  Also,  when you ARE ready to eat eat slowly and wait a bit before grabbing seconds. It can take your body up to 20 minutes to realize that we are full! 
  3. Don’t skip meals Holiday DAYS seem to run  together- and it's easy to skip a meal here and there (Especially after sleeping late after a late night!) The trick is NOT to skip meals then  play catch up later with  a huge meal- you need to eat small amounts all day.  With the stress of the holidays and  not getting enough calories, your  body can enter starvation mode, holding on to what it does have (calories)  for when it needs it!  When you do eat, your body will hold onto as many calories as it can for when it needs it next.   Plan for small meals- an apple and some peanut butter, some cheese and crackers,  nuts and fruit, instead of a full sit down meal once a day! 
  4. Use the right Supplements Even when you try to eat right, you can miss some important nutrients!   I love to have a smoothie in the morning with fruits, Whey Advantage protein powder, and  almond milk.  Since I have  autoimmune disease (Diabetes and Lymes Disease) I also  use a Joint Supplement for my tendons and ligaments. and I always use a complete multivitamin.   Also be sure to research and use a trusted brand of supplements. They are not all created equal! 
  5. Get enough sleep The Holiday season takes a lot out of us, and we don't realize it!  One of the first things to go is sleep, and yet, it's on of the most important.  Once we get run down, it's hard to regroup and  we the worse we fill, we can turn to  sugar and carbs to keep us going.  Fill up  on the right things-- including SLEEP!  

Following these tips, a healthy meal plan (no  fad diets!) and  a sensible exercise plan is what you need to get started! Its nice to make goals and plans, but its also nice to love and take care of yourself while doing it!  Don’t forget to make other goals, like being a kinder person, and loving yourself TODAY for who you are. It’s great to take time to make your body healthy, but it’s just as important to keep your soul and mind happy, too!

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