5 Ways To Handle The Hustle

Side hustle, part-time job, supplemental income... whatever you call it, a lot of us have one. Side hustles are really trendy right now. People usually ask: How can I get one? Why do I need one? Who even has them, anyway? Why are millennials picking up a second job?

But the most important question is: How do you handle the hustle? After an exhaustive amounts of who, why, where, what and when questions, it’s time to address the how.

I’ve worked two to three additional side jobs while still holding my full-time desk job, and though I love all the work I do, it can be draining. Since we can’t add more hours to the day, below are five easy ways to hustle smarter not harder.

1. Play Off Your Passions

It’s easier to get things done when you really enjoy what you’re doing. Though side hustles can sometimes be for convenience rather than passion, it is important to try and find a hustle that either:

  • Teaches you something new
  • Increases your expertise in an area you are interested in
  • Challenges or advances you mentally and/or physically
  • Gives you something to feel proud and excited about

Take some time to really think about what you can do well and the ways in which you can expand your experience either in your career or passion project to increase the benefits beyond financial gains. Whether it’s fitness, blogging or event planning that you love to do, there is a part-time job that can aid you in taking your next steps.

2. Organize Your Schedule

Even the worst planner can make sure that their schedule is on point when money is involved. What can happen with side-jobs is that you double book or have five things to do in a day that all have a level of importance. Figure out how you best keep track of things and work from there. For me it’s post-it notes filled with lists on my desk and adding everything in my calendar. Others may find a wall calendar with details for each day easier to keep track of. Whatever your thing is, decide it and organize. Scheduling will relieve a lot of unnecessary stress.

3. Define Your Goals

Setting goals will help keep you motivated and on track. Whether you are saving up for something, or looking to gain a certain level of knowledge write it down and check in on the regularly. Once you hit one, set another. Having a point that you are working towards in any job or project makes the work that much more exciting. It will also help keep you on track.

4. Know Your Limits

Sometimes when you’re in the hustle it makes you feel like you want to do even more. However, it’s hard to do everything well when you’re trying to do it all at the same time. Doing more and making more is exciting, but it’s always a good idea to take some time to truly assess how you feel. Yes, you may be hustling, but do you have free time? Have you spent time with friends and family? It’s vital to decided how much you can do while still maintaining balance with your personal life. Oh and sleep... as much as you can.

5. Set Personal Time Aside

Though this seems obvious, it’s quite possibly the hardest part. Decide what time is for you, only. Whether it’s watching TV, having a glass of wine or tea, or hanging out with friends, make sure you get that time in, to think of something other than working. It might take you turning off your phone or just finally closing your laptop for the evening. Whatever it is, don’t forget to include it in your schedule if you need to, you might find that it’s the most important part of your day.

Your side hustle could become your full time job one day or just help you pay off your student loans, either way, don’t let it take more out of you than you are able to put in. Manage your time, focus on self-care and keep making that money, but don’t let it make you.

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