5 Ways to Infuse Your WHY Into Everything You Do to Create the Online, Freedom Based Business of your Dreams


We all start our business for reasons that are specific to us. We are born entrepreneurs; we crave freedom; cannot spend our days in a florescent cubicle; we want more time with our kids, etc. But the successful businesses are the ones that are fully aligned with their core purpose. That core purpose is literally infused into every part of their business. Their website copy screams their purpose and mission. Their branding is completely on point with their WHY and their social media presence is oozing with their message.

The first thing I do as a business coach when on-boarding a new client is have them tell me why they started their business. Most of the time their story starts with wanting to make money. Then it fizzles and the client gets flustered and frustrated and they have a hard time describing their why. And it's okay! We all struggle with this, but can you imagine what would happen to your business once you infuse your WHY into it? Can you imagine how the alignment would attract new clients?

1. Write down three reasons why you started your business. Start with a blank screen or piece of paper and think about the reasons you started your business. Go back to the beginning for this one. Write about the passion and drive that lead you to create your business. Keep writing until it hits you (and if you give into this exercise it will hit you).

2. Cultivate Confidence. Read over the testimonials you received. Sometimes we need an influx of courage when diving deep into our purpose and that courage comes from confidence. Also, write a list of your unique skills to help you pinpoint your talents.

3. Picture yourself on stage in front of an audience who has your undivided attention. What would you say?

4. Get inspired often. Creativity fuels innovation and businesses thrive on it. Watch TEDTalks, listen to podcasts, interview people you look up to, etc.

5. Create the space to integrate your WHY. This piece is the key piece to the puzzle. Dedicate the time to explore your WHY and integrate it into your life and business.

Connecting with your WHY and purpose is a choice. It takes courage and power to integrate your WHY into everything you do. You need to want it. And if you do and you are ready you will see a massive shift in your business. Trust me.

Andi Wickman is a Business & Personal Development Coach for dreamers and action takers. She mentors women who believe they have the capacity for greatness. For those who believe this life is full of wonder and opportunity. For the ones who are ready to soar.