5 Ways To Know He's Not That Into You


Dating can be fun, but after a while it starts to feel like a chore if you're dating the wrong person. Often time we get caught up in our physical attractions to someone and ignore the clear cut signs that this "relationship" is a dead end. To save yourself time and energy, here are 5 ways to know he's not that into you.

1) He Never Calls.

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he makes himself emotionally available in more ways than he's comfortable. This includes picking up the phone and calling, instead of texting. Sure, he prefers texting over calling, but he's determined to switch things up because sealing the deal means that much to him. You will know he is not that into you if he claims to be too busy to call or doesn't make any effort to call.

2) He Never Asks You Out.

When a man is truly interested in a woman, the first women that come to mind is his mother and his sister. He thinks about the way he would treat them or how he would want another man to treat them and he takes the necessary steps to make you feel honored, valued and respected. There's no rush to get you home, because he sees you in his future and he knows there will be plenty of time to enjoy each other's company at home once plays his part in making you feel comfortable. You will know he is not that into you if he invites you in before he invites you out.

3) He Doesn't Introduce You To The Women In His Family.

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he takes pride in her and wants to show her off like he would a newborn baby. It gives him great joy to introduce you to people who play significant roles in his life and whose opinions he values. He will want to know what his sister and mother think of you before taking any steps towards marriage or having a family together. The opinions of men are less sought after in this respect, as they will be more concerned with the outside attributes of a woman than the inside. You will know he is not that into you if he only introduces you to the men in his circle or worst, if he doesn't introduce you to anyone in his circle.

4) He Goes Out And Never Invites You

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he will quickly establish the way he feels about you through his actions. He will want to associate with you every chance he gets. He'll be tired of playing the field and will want to spend more time with you alone and in the company of others to guage your level of competence and confidence in a group setting. He will be focused on the quality of the relationship he's building with you, not on the quantity of relationships he could build with you no around. You will know he is not that into you if he takes greater pride in being on the social scene without you.

5) He Doesn't Give You A Title.

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he claims her. He wants the world to know that you are off the market, no longer available and committed to him. There will be a sense of urgency because he sees the value in you and wants to add value to you. There's a difference when a man knows how great you are and constantly takes pieces of your greatness away, and a man who sees your greatness and wants to make you even greater. To motivate and inspire we give promotions and bonuses. You will know he's not that into you if he doesn't constantly look for ways to upgrade the relationship and give it new meaning.

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