5 Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life in College

5 Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life in College
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To many, college life is synonymous to stress. The hurdle of being on time for lectures, working with different kinds of people on group projects, sleepless nights on researches and not to mention the financial stress encountered in keeping up with college need and all these accumulate stress.

Few students can go through all these stressful activities without breaking down at some point or the other while some can’t cope with them and end up taking a bed in the hospital, especially during semester exam periods when the pressure is at its peak. As an undergraduate, the thought of living a stress-free life in campus was unimaginable.

I believed there was always a price to pay to achieve anything and academic excellence was no exception. I saw anything not college related as a total waste of my time, I got so engrafted with college work that I probably didn’t have a life outside it. This was in my freshman year, that “serious year” in every student’s life which served as a foundation for building better grades.

How did I come to discover the ways out of stress?

Like every determined student, my grades were hitting the roof but was my health, social life and finance saying the same thing? Definitely not. Therefore I sort for a way out and made amazing discoveries in my second year that it’s possible to live a stress free life and still make the best grades.

Here are five ways to live a stress free life in college.

1. Don’t rule out exercise

One of the best ways to keep fit and balance is by exercising regularly. Routine exercise keeps one fit, relax body joints, reduces fatigue and burns fat. In freshman year, I noticed a little walk seemed like a thousand mile, I got tired easily whenever I engaged in physical activities.

I studied late night which demanded I ate a lot in order to keep the brain functional, ended up developing belly fat which made my self-esteem diminish. I learnt about how I could suppress my appetite, shade some pounds and carryout academic and physical activities without feeling like I was pushing a mountain.

It is medically advisable for students to fix-in exercise as part of their daily routine in order to prevent fatigue that leads to stress. You do not necessarily need to go to a gym, you can join a walk group for a walk every day, dance to some good music to drop some pounds.

2. A loner’s life multiplies stress

Many students in campus live solitary lives. Going through college as a loner will make your life choked up. Don’t stay away from people or avoid conversations because this is how you can make intelligent friends. It’s okay to say you didn’t go to college to make friends but it’s advantageous to have two or more persons you share college burdens with.

It’s glaring you aren’t an island but human, so start acting like one and relate with people. This goes a long way in relieving you from academic stress because it’s shared. Come out of your shell and recognize the fact that a load too heavy for one to bear may not be when shared amongst two or more persons. Being with friends takes your mind off stress and gives you something else to think of other than school stress.

3. Leisure is a stress reliever

Students hardly get enough rest. I never knew the importance of really “taking a break” until my health was almost in jeopardy. I tell students not to only take a break only on holidays but create a break for themselves.

Competing with people you barely know their health status is sheer stupidity. You might try what they do and pay dearly for it with your health. Like I earlier mentioned, my grades were superb but my health was saying the contrary.

It cost me my entire holiday because I was on doctor’s prescription. Taking a nap helps you subdue stress and also gives you a clear head. It’s erroneous to create a schedule without relaxation in between, because it’s the only time you get to relax the body which sets stress at bay. Leisure is a natural stress reliever, don’t neglect it.

4. Leverage reputable students’ loan

Not having enough money to go through college is enough stress to put up with. Many dreams have been postponed or given up on simply because of ignorance. Student loans still exist and millions of students are still benefiting from these schemes.

These platforms are made available to lessen the financial burden on the shoulders of many student. The thought of what to eat, where to stay and academic bills to be paid can weaken anyone, thinking that any session might be your last due to financial incapability strains the best academic efforts.

Why not acquire a student loan and save yourself from the trauma of pennilessness? Having this coverage sets your mind at peace which gives you a clearer vision.

5. Eat healthy, stay healthy

Students and junk foods are quite inseparable. If only you knew the dangers of solely depending on junk foods, you won’t consume it the way you do. Junk foods are temporal hunger quenchers that leave you craving for more of it after a short while.

Eating junks reduces your body energy level which is a clear invitation to stress. I am not saying a bite or two is harmful but can be disastrous if it’s your most preferred meal. Expedient it is to consume meals made from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. They play crucial role in cleansing and keeping the body strong to function at its peak.

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