5 Ways To Make Exercise Fun Again

5 Ways To Make Exercise Fun Again
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You've ran non-stop, you've lifted lots of heavy weights and joined your share of gyms over the last few years. You have officially become a gym fanatic. In the midst of being so dedicated to the gym you have suddenly hit a rut. The gym just isn't that exciting place it used to be, and suddenly you are forced to find new ways to make it exciting again.

Although you are feeling as if you are in a rut, it was reported in 2015 that Americans are surprisingly exercising more than they ever have been. Exercising numbers are up but you've lost your drive. What's a man or woman to do? It's simple: you have to find ways to make exercising exciting again:


Many of your favorite celebrities often post videos on social media of the times they spend with their trainers. Many trainees have begun to incorporate kickboxing as a great way to make cardio exciting again. While kickboxing may not be the easiest workout in the world it does cause you to begin engaging in new ways to shock your body and burn those calories. Not only is it a great cardio workout, it has been suggested that kickboxing actually can help improve your mental health.


As a kid I loved jumping on the trampoline. I even loved when I could watch my older brother have wrestling matches with his friends on the popular toy. Now as an adult I have learned that you can actually burn more calories while jumping on the trampoline than you can by running. Who would have ever thought your favorite childhood activity was actually more beneficial than you realized.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are no longer "your mom's aerobic classes." In fact, some fineness classes are more intense than machine work outs. Check with your local gym to see what types of diverse classes they have to offer.


Yoga has continued to gain more and more popularity. Not only does yoga help you increase flexibility but it helps promote an overall healthier mind. A new study conducted by the Yoga Journal shows that there are currently over 20 million people in America who practice yoga on a regular basis.


We have all seen the world's fittest man or woman on television. We have also made a vow that we would never try these impossible workouts at home but maybe we should. While there is still an ongoing debate about whether or not CrossFit is safe there are still people actively opening cross fit gyms. Instead of sitting back and getting your opinions about cross fit from people who may have done it before, give it a try for yourself.

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