5 Ways to Maximize Your Thanksgiving Holiday


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as this holiday quickly approaches, so many people will be traveling to celebrate this annual holiday. However, Thanksgiving is about more than just having the day off and Black Friday and holiday shopping, Thanksgiving is a really powerful holiday and one that can be the best day of the year, if you just take the time to really enjoy the best Thanksgiving has to offer. If you want to really maximize your Thanksgiving holiday, here are five easy tips to consider that can completely change your holiday experience.

1. Instead of watching football, go ahead and study my free instructional videos on YouTube. This year's Thanksgiving match-ups aren't exciting anyways. If you want to spend time watching something that will actually benefit you, my comprehensive YouTube Channel has more than 500 free stock market video lessons. You should also read this free stock market guide while you're at it. So sit back and relax this Thanksgiving and pop on this YouTube channel to get the most out of your time lounging on the couch.

2. Help the homeless and the less fortunate. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for what you have and helping those that don't have as much as you. This Thanksgiving enjoy giving the homeless and less fortunate your time and money. My family and I have spent the last Thanksgiving donating our time by helping several families into new homes in partnership with a charity known as Path. Trust me when I say donating your time and money during the holidays and really help you feel the magic of the holiday spirit.

3. Spend time with friends. The holidays are such a magical time of year because it gives you a great excuse to spend time with your friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving is also a powerful time to remind people what matters most in life. It is not just about money, careers and success, life is about spending time with those who matter most to you. Most of us don't get to spend enough time with our families as it is. Soak it in an take advantage of your together time

4. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and truly eat as much as you can. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle all year long is very important as it can benefit you in so many other ways. However, there is nothing wrong with having a cheat day or two. This is one of the only times of the year where you can really break your diet and go all out. Enjoy it to the max by not only ignoring your diet but indulging in some of the best food you will get to eat all year.

5. Watch some Thanksgiving-related movies. Christmas isn't the only time to watch holiday movies. Take some time to watch some inspiring, family-friendly Thanksgiving films this holiday season. Some of my personal favorites are "The New World" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Another great film to try? "The Blind Side," it has an inspirational message and a really great Thanksgiving scene.

This Thanksgiving, don't just spend your time planning for Black Friday shopping, try to remember what the holidays are really about. Spend time with your family and loved ones, think about giving back to others and enjoy the best that Thanksgiving has to offer. I promise you will have the best Thanksgiving possible if you just give these tips a try. You really can maximize your Thanksgiving with these simple tips.