5 Ways To Practice Self-Love


Since I was a teenager, the gospel of self-love has been preached with increasing vigor. It grew from just a few comments among a few friends who are too bored to care, to a strongly motivating concept for upwardly mobile and positive people. It has become a reality that no one dares to ignore. As a matter of fact, ignoring the concept of self-love is accepting that you are living a borrowed life and merely just existing. Self-love is in no way selfishly putting yourself ahead of the game at all times like some people mistakenly believe. It's accepting that you're only human, living every second with fulfillment and loving others just as much as you love yourself.

A lot of folks have suffered a wide spectrum of downtime, from depression to low self-esteem because they simply don't love themselves enough. One can't blame them, especially with the rate at which life throws heavily weighted challenges at them. It's almost forgivable to loose oneself in the whirlwind. However, don't do it. You deserve to be a first class citizen in your own world. While different people have different ways of expressing self-love, I'll recommend a few ideas that will settle you quite easy. The result is same; a satisfied and peaceful mind, walking around in a healthy body.

Build a community- It's suicidal to think this is overrated because it isn't. No one can singlehandedly achieve anything of significant importance by himself. Position yourself among a committee of people that inspire you to be better. We are driven by the emotions we feel and so it is important that we surround ourselves with people who pump the right emotions through us. Don't be a parasite either; give yourself to your community just as much. Be reminded that it's not a one-time thing. Allow your community the chance to grow and add value.


Love yourself- I can't say it enough. You can't love someone else right if you haven't yet understood how to love yourself right. You can't give what you don't have. You'll only end up hurting yourself and the next person if you don't sort out the first step of loving yourself right. From gifting yourself nice treats and gifts to telling yourself hard truths, make a decision to love and be true to yourself.

Pamper your body- Like everything else, if not properly maintained, your body will deteriorate. It's a conscious effort to keep your body functioning so as to enable you produce better results. Find exercise routines that work for you and indulge in some of them. Your body can only work so far, you need to fuel it, work it and keep it running.

Make room for more- This can be in the simple form of cleaning out your closet and letting go of the things that clogged your space. The new cannot come in if the old is still lounging comfortably in your space. Let go of the things, items or even people that reminded you of a negative vibe or time of your life. Love yourself enough to cleanse out the old, so the new can thrive.

Never compare yourself to others- I admit the temptation could be real and tangible. Overcome it. Agreed, we could feel the urge to compare ourselves when we browse through social media and see our friends engaged or celebrating a promotion. Everyone feels that urge. However, don't let it settle in. Wave off the emotion and tell yourself you're a work in progress and soon others will celebrate you. While you can be inspired by the stories of others, don't compare yourselves. The bitter taste of negativity and despair afterwards is better left alone.

Self-love is never an easy journey, but it's a process worth enjoying. Let yourself be loved by you.