5 Ways to Prevent Eating Disorders In Queer Men

Some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories of the week.

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5 Ways to Prevent Eating Disorders in Queer Men

Eating disorders are rampant among gay and bisexual men: they are 7 times more likely to binge and 12 times more likely to purge than straight men. There’s a great new blog out this week listing five things we can do about it. One example? Make mental health a priority.

51% of HIV Infections Happen with Condoms

Worst news ever: condoms may not protect you. Researchers recently found that 51% of new HIV infections among gay and bi men happen when they’re using a condom, due to condoms breaking and people not using condoms correctly.

Sexual Arousal: What Gets You Hot? 

We now know the same things get lesbian women and straight men hot and bothered, according to a new study. Researchers looking at visual stimuli found that straight women were aroused by both men and women, but lesbian women were aroused only by women—the same pattern as in straight men.
Hep B Is Serious, So Why Aren’t More Queer Men Getting Vaccinated?

Why aren’t more queer men getting vaccinations for Hepatitis B, a liver infection caused by viruses in body fluids? A review of studies found the biggest reasons were not knowing about it, thinking that Hep B wasn’t serious, and structural barriers, like not having insurance.