5 Ways to Protect Customers & Increase Trust Within the Industry

Put an atom's weight of doubt in a customer's heart about your business and you've lost them.

In fact, you can also face lawsuits and possibly bad press.

Your customers are what keep your business running and you need to protect them in every way you can.

You must invest into their safety and security.

Today I'm going to show you some ways to protect your customers and as a bonus, gain their trust.

Let's go...

1. Licensing

"States introducing licensing programs helps protect consumers and legitimize the industry," says Adam Pacha of Mold Inspection & Testing.

A licensed business vs. an unlicensed business is that people will always trust the licensed business much more than the unlicensed. Having a license shows that you're official... that you're legit.

You'll always find an organization that offers some sort of license or membership in your industry. Try your best to get one.

2. Get All The Domain Variations You Can

If you don't own the .com variation of your domain... you need to.

If you don't own all the other popular domain extensions... you need to before those domain pirates jack them and try to sell them to you at 10x their current price.

If you don't own all the misspelled version of you domain names... you should hurry up and get them before someone else does. You can use Domain Typo Generator to find possible misspellings.

Imagine you owned domainr.com but someone either misspelled it as domain.com forgetting to include the "r" in the end. That means they'll end up on a different website and for all you know, that other website could be a spammy looking site.

This happens more than you'd expect. Not only do you lose traffic, but you could possibly lose trust from the user.

3. Focus on One Thing

Sometimes creating a big sales funnel is good for your business. But, oftentimes it can reduce customer trust. Here's an example... lets say you're a property valuator. But, then you introduce a new service of buying properties and selling them. Your trust will reduce because people will assume that you're lowering their properties value just so you can make a larger profit from them. Instead of offering them an honest valuation.

In fact, here's a wonderful example by MI&T. Watch this 1 minute video here. They do it perfectly.

4. Add EVSSL to Your Sites

Try going to a site like
. Do you see a green certification like this?

Yeah, those are called Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certificates AKA EVSSL. It's added for additional security. You need it if your site deals with sensitive consumer data. The green bar gives users confidence in your brand.

5. SSL certificate

Imagine someone types https:// instead of http:// before your domain name. Do you know what they would get?

They'll get this...

A page telling the user there information might get stolen.

How do you think that would look on your brand?

It's both bad for visitors and for your brand. So make sure you get an SSL certificate for your site. If you're hosting with Siteground then you can do it for free in just 2 clicks.

By the way, foolishnessfile.com is my site and is completely secure. The above screen is for educational purposes only.

Final Words

Earning someone's trust is a long-term investment.

Large brands pay millions of dollars just to keep their customers secure and as a small business applying the above tips is a quick and easy way of protecting your customers.

Keep them safe and your trust will rise in no time.