5 Ways to Rock Your Feminine Super Powers

For almost 6,000 years, we have lived in a man's world, but the tide is turning and our society is moving to a more balanced, synergized humanity. When the masculine and feminine energies in each of us are in harmony then we will see this mirrored back to us with healthier relationships, less violence in the news, more creative solutions for the environment, and more loving exchanges in both the home and the workplace.

One of the ways the feminine can continue to grow stronger is for women to really know, trust and own their power. We may need to re-define what that power means because it's certainly been misused by many leaders in the past. We have had both real ceilings in corporate companies as men have traditionally earned more than women but, more importantly, we have placed our own internal glass ceilings by not seeing our power.

Much of the focus has been on what we can achieve in the outside world rather than on what we have inside to give. The most important thing that women can do as a collective is to stop leaning on our masculine ways and to start embracing our innate feminine virtues.


What are the feminine virtues? I believe they are a woman's "super powers" and they are: compassion, nurturing, intuition, receptivity, and synergy. I discuss each of these in detail in my chapter in the recent, bestselling compilation book: The Power of Being a Woman which just launched on July 1st and 100% of the proceeds benefits the non-profit Women of Africa.

Here are five ways you can stay centered in your feminine power and rock your femininity, especially when you start to forget:

1. Practice Compassion
My thoughts, feelings and actions impact me and others. We are all struggling with something and so I can consciously choose to see myself and others through the eyes of love and acceptance.

A life-changing statement is the Ho'oponopono healing process which says: "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you." This can be said to yourself and anyone/anything else as often as possible to literally let go of stories of separation.

2. Be a Nurturer
As a woman, I am "coded" to be a mother and whether I choose to have children or not, I can be a cosmic mother by nurturing my positive qualities, healthy choices, friendships, colleagues, animals, and creative projects. When I plant seeds of kindness with great care and intention, I am literally changing the world for the better.

Keep a self-care checklist of nurturing choices for your body, mind and soul. Keep this printed by your desk (or pillow) and check it off each day. You know what you need to feel good, so as you nurture yourself you will be in much better shape to nurture others.

3. Get in Touch with Your Intuition
I have a wise voice inside that speaks to me and I choose to listen to and trust her. I make a commitment to sit with this loving part of me that always has my back and from this place, I make the best decisions.

Meditating just 5 - 10 minutes a day will help you to hear your inner voice. "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." - Ram Dass

4. Become Excellent at Receiving
There is support available to me everywhere; I just need to focus on that. I don't need to do it all alone and I am worthy of receiving. A state of receptivity demonstrates self-love, self-worth, and self-care.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. Gratitude for what is, as often as possible, is the best way to grow the good in your life. When we are full of thanksgiving, people are magnetized to us and want to help us even more.

5. Look at what is for the highest good of all concerned
Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I know I am part of a whole because even my food has been touched by countless lives that all played a part in it becoming my meal. I am an integral part of the whole and I am connected to all of life.

Create synergy wherever you go by bringing people together and sharing needed resources with others. See the world waking up; share your voice about the solutions that can help all of us; develop your entrepreneurial ideas that benefit your community.

When I coach women, I help them to become empowered and to see that power can be a pairing of kindness and strength, gentleness and firmness. The quote from Marianne Williamson that "I am powerful beyond measure" is really true. What would be possible in your life if you lived that reality every day?

Image credit: Vanessa Halloum