5 Ways to Start Living Your Dream Life Today

We all have a choice to make. We can choose to accept our circumstances, or we can choose to make the effort to rise above them. That choice usually starts with what you believe about yourself and your dream.
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I hesitate to write this because blogs like this usually involve some cheesy rah, rah advice that's not practical for making it in this messed world we live in today. I lived a life that could best be described as existing -- for years. After using the advice I'm going to give you today, I was able to break free. I lost 170 pounds; I paid off $180,000 in debt and moved our family to our dream destination of Maui, Hawaii. Everyday life feels surreal, but when I pinch myself, I smile because I'm living my dream life.

Now, I realize there's not a one-size-fits-all solution to what each of us may be going through in life. But, we all have a choice to make. We can choose to accept our circumstances, or we can choose to make the effort to rise above them. That choice usually starts with what you believe about yourself and your dream.

Everywhere you look there is bad news. Every day there's something in your life that doesn't work out the way you wanted it to. You can let those circumstances make or break you and too often we're broken. Despite what you're going through and despite where you are, you can live a life most people are only content to talk about. Here are five ways you can start living your dream life today.

1. Get honest about what you want from life. It's scary to admit what you want to do and what you want from your life. You may want something that's well outside of your comfort zone and even scares others in your life, but those dreams are in your heart and mind for a reason. Sit down and say it out loud. No matter how crazy it sounds -- get real.

2. Use the Internet to research your dream. We live in a time where information is readily available. If you own a smartphone or have access to the Internet, you can research what it would take to make your dream life a reality. You don't have to guess, chances are someone has mapped out what you need to know.

3. Put a plan together and take the first steps. If your dream life is going to become a reality, you're going to need a plan. It's amazing how many people "wing it" and end up failing. If you want to quit your job -- you should have another job/business in your plan and an emergency fund. If you wish to lose weight -- you should map out a healthy diet and exercise plan. You get the picture, but the plan, implemented over time, is how you'll reach your goals.

4. Ignore self-limiting beliefs and negative people. Along the journey to your dream life, you'll encounter doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. There will be people in your life who don't get it and will make their opinion known. If you listen to any negativeness, it will convince you what you want is impossible, and you won't take the necessary steps to make your dream life a reality.

5. Choose to live life every day. You can miss so much that life has to offer with the chaos and busyness of life. It's easy to get caught in routines and what feels comfortable. The problem is that all anyone is guaranteed is this moment. It's important to live each day as if it were the last because it very well may be.

It bothers me to see so many people who are not waking up every day and experiencing freedom in their life. I realize this is a short article among thousands you'll probably read, but my hope is that this is a starting point. It will be hard, and it will take time. There will be many times along the way that you'll feel like giving up -- don't.

Your dream life is attainable, but more than that, it's important. Life is short, and each of us only gets one life to live. Choose to believe in yourself. Choose to believe in what's possible, and then do something about it. Start today and don't give up until you wake up experiencing true freedom in every area of your life.

Are you living or existing?

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