5 Ways to Stop Thinking and Start Living

What if something completely different is possible? What if who you can be is more real than who you think you can't be? Would you be willing to start creating your life beyond your mind, and instead trusting your awareness?
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Are you a thinker? A day dreamer? Do you find yourself living mostly in your head? The thing is, we've been taught to use our minds as though they are the creation of our life. In actuality, the way I see it, your mind is actually a mechanism for control, not a mechanism for possibilities. It is a mechanism for destroying the possibilities that are greater in our lives, than what our parents had, and what their parents had, and what their parents had.

What you want to realize is, your mind is like a big card catalog. Every experience that it's had and has judged as OK and acceptable is in there. Now, when you have a new experience or a new possibility that hasn't already been pre-selected and approved by your mind, it goes: "No. Don't do it." So what often happens is that you end up rejecting anything that it hasn't been cognitively approved.

Do you get what's happening here? All the possibilities beyond your mind, get rejected instantly and then you have to work to try to bring them into your reality, judging you the whole time for doing them, hoping they work out while thinking that they won't because your mind has said, "Oh that's not valuable."

What if something completely different is possible? What if who you can be is more real than who you think you can't be? Would you be willing to start creating your life beyond your mind, and instead trusting your awareness?

Here Are 5 Ways to Stop Thinking and Start Living -- For You!

1. Make Everything An Interesting Point of View

When you find yourself in an over-thinking spiral, acknowledging that none of those thoughts are real is the start of enjoying living. Instead of thinking, "How can I live without them?" or "I don't have enough money." over and over, try thinking, "Interesting point of view, I have this point of view" over and over instead! You may find your obsessive thoughts simply start disappearing!

Your point of view creates your reality. When you make something just an interesting point of view, you don't align and agree with it (positive thinking) or resist and react to it (negative thinking). When you go "oh that's interesting" and you keep moving forward, a different reality becomes possible.

2. What Is True For You?

Are you choosing things in your daily life based on what is true for you? Or are you living through a fog of what other people think is important? For the next thirty days, ask yourself "What would it take to live from what is true for me?"

Asking this question is a way of choosing for you that will begin to show you what is true for you. What is true for you will always make you feel lighter. What is a lie or not true for you, will make you feel heavier. Maybe it's creating your ideas, or having adventures, or having space away from people. Maybe it is being more "you" so that you can create the change the world is asking for. Maybe it is embracing the beauty of our planet and acknowledging the gift the earth offers us in every moment.

Whatever it is for you, will you start to choose it? Will you follow what is light? When you live from what is true for you, thinking becomes less interesting and your awareness shows up more often. What if it is your awareness that moves you forward, rather than thinking? What if you know?

3. Stop With The Judgment!

Every time you go to judge whether you have your life right or wrong, STOP! What if you could have gratitude for every single thing you have chosen? When you stop judging you, you create the space where your life can change with ease, where you can create your true desires with more ease and what you desire can start showing up with ease.

Whatever you judge kills any gratitude or peace that would otherwise be available. Judgement and gratitude cannot co-exist. It's your choice! Every time you have the chance to go into judgment, of you or someone else, and you choose not to... you change the world.

4. Change Your Angry Thoughts

Whatever we are angry about cannot change while we are angry about it. You know those moments when anger, rage, fury and hate seems to take over? That is not YOU! That is your awareness of everyone around you or the lies that you are surrounded by. Rather than obsessively thinking angry thoughts, ask yourself, "What is the lie here that is spoken or unspoken?" And then listen to what you know. That little thought that popped in as you asked the question is the awareness you need to acknowledge.

In acknowledging what is going on, we begin to dissipate our reaction to it. And know this -- if you are angry about something, you have a capacity to change it! Ask: "What is this anger making available and possible to me that I don't yet want to know?"

5. Stop Thinking About Your Problems

If thinking could fix your problems, they would be gone by now. You change the problems in your life by asking questions, not by thinking yourself round in circles. "What else is possible here?" and "What can I be or do different today that will change this?" and "What would I like to choose here?" are great questions you can start with.

And by the way, "Why...?" is not a question that creates change! Why not? Because why always sends you looking for the reason or the justification for why something is as it is. What if it was just a choice? Not everything has a reason and we send drive? ourselves crazy trying to find a reason when sometimes there just isn't one!

What if thinking is not the creation of your life? We're taught to think as if that will get us everywhere. When it gets us nowhere we'd like to go, we have to choose something different. It might be inconceivable to you that positive thinking isn't the answer. The funny thing is, your point of view creates your reality. What is beyond thinking that will work even more dynamically for you? What if you could have the joy of thinking (often also known as having awareness)... and it is nothing like you thought?

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