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3 Ways to Tap Into the Feminine

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The feminine is a vast ocean of power, strength and flow. It is mother nature at it's best and nurtures us to grow, guiding us through this crazy life.

The feminine is pure presence. As Bentinho Massaro says, "presence is an expressed beauty of the infinite. Presence is beauty and ease and radiates from us."

So why is it that so many women don't trust it or don't know how to fully embrace and live through it?

I coach women who almost always have some detachment from the feminine. They feel it's flimsy and not productive to get them though their busy schedules. They have been operating in the masculine for so long that the thought of getting in touch with the feminine feels like another thing to do. They will get to it, if they have time.

There are also those who are too attached to the feminine, worried that if they go back to the masculine they will be wiped out.

Whichever way women show up, a prominent theme is that they have an unhealthy perception and experience of the feminine.

The feminine isn't something you have to "do." It is not a process but a state of being. Nor is the feminine a stand alone energy. Women should not need to rely on the feminine alone because when they are in complete connection to source energy, it effortlessly draws in and creates space for both feminine and masculine energy.

1. The heart

Your heart is your compass and connection to source but so many people do not trust it fully. They have been in their head for so long and they have fear saying that if they allow their heart to take over it will get them into trouble. When connecting to your heart you connect into your truth (your higher self and soul). It can not lead you astray but lead you back to what you came here to do, or be! It takes courage to follow your heart. Not all women are ready to BE who they know they are. They fill their schedule with things to DO so they can avoid BEING what they desire.

Not only does it connect you back into yourself and to the source you have within you, your heart also holds your desires. If you have something you deeply desire it is straight from source. But what is important is you look at the underlying feelings of your desire to make sure of their pure intention. This is what will stop you feeling disappointed when life doesn't bring them to you in they way that you envisioned.

For example, My deepest desire is to have children and be a mother. As I get further into my 30s I ask myself what if I can't have kids, what if I don't meet someone in time... what if it's too late. My head could say, "see you can't have your hearts desires" but when I look into this I ask myself why do I so badly want to be a mum? Is it because that's what the world is telling a woman should be, are other people pressuring me, do I feel less than a woman if I don't experience this?

If I look honestly at this I can see that my desire is somewhat tainted by the world around me which could be influencing my desire... So I ask myself what is it about being a mother I want to feel? When I connect to the FEELING of being a mother I can feel how many ways I can be that now. I can FEEL how this can be experienced in so many ways. When I connect to this FEELING I can see how I can create this on so many levels. So whether or not I birth a child or not. I can experience my hearts true desire.

Try this with any thing that your heart desires. Think about why you want this, is there anything influencing you, what is the core feeling of your desire and how can you experience this now?

2. Surrender

If you have heard someone say "Let go and surrender" when you have been in a crisis you probably know the feeling of wanting to scream! Surrendering is a great concept, but how do you actually do it? What does it even mean?

If you have been operating mostly from your masculine energy you may have a difficult time surrendering because your head will try to keep it's control. Surrendering is letting go of the control the mind has on you.

You also can't surrender if you are doing it from the level of the mind. It is not a process but an allowing. Surrendering is moving from the head to the heart. It's a rebirthing of your true self and into a new paradigm of living. Surrendering needs to come from the heart space rather than the head because it needs a true heart desire for something different.

Most people don't want to surrender because taking away control freaks them out!

To surrender you must enter the stillness and allow. When you delve into the depth of what you truly desire and enter the heart of it, then you enter the possibility that exists outside of your mind.

Surrendering is a natural state, which is why it is not a process. It exists because it is an aspect of you. It is the feminine.

Surrendering isn't something you need to DO but a place to come FROM. A place that you are.

The more you connect to your heart the more you are in surrender.

When you are challenged or feel yourself stuck in your masculine, breathe from the place of surrender. Feel your body fill with light and space. Find the space within you that is free from your judgement of your thoughts and let go. Let go of the need to figure it out, let go of your tight grip on knowing yourself. Let go of the fight for control. Just breathe and be willing to not know how to surrender! Just be in your willingness for something different!

A simple exercise to feel your way into surrender is to breath deeply and hold your breath for 10 counts and slowly release. Feel in your body how it feels to let go. This is your guidance system. When you feel you need to let go of something tap into this feeling in your body when you say to yourself, "okay, I drop this, I surrender. I allow something else to guide me," you don't even need to know how. A willingness to let it go is all you need.

3. Embodiment

The embodiment of your desires and vision is a fundamental principle in receiving the life you desire. Often women are very disconnected to their bodies and their desires stay in the realm of intelligence rather than their full expression into the world. Your desire needs to be rooted into the earth to experience heaven on earth. When women are stuck in their masculine, they are so in their head that it's very difficult for them to connect to their body. This is why so often their bodies go totally out of whack and they experience burnout.

To experience your vision you must create it from your heart, if it starts in your head bring it into your heart, then feel it in the body. This is when you feel it in every cell as if you already have what you desire.

The feminine is very connected to the body. It feels earthy and grounded and each step a woman takes in the feminine stomps their desire into the earth to grow.

It is not just the masculine energy that stops a woman in her embodiment, there are also women disconnected from their bodies due to their spiritual gifts. If a woman is an empath and intuitive, her higher chakras are usually very open and she may spend too much time out of body. This is as disempowering as women who are too much in their head. Many women who have strong intuition, abilities to connect to the spirit realm or are empath's battle health or weight issues because they aren't in their body enough to master it!

To really get back into your body there are a few techniques that have helped me reconnect to my body. Bring awareness to your body through practices such as dance, tantra, yoga, the jade egg and sex or self pleasure.

Connecting to the state of pleasure is also impactful in waking up all your senses which will connect you back into your body!

The feminine is awakened by your divinity. God is a state of being, just as the feminine is. You were created to find your balance of the feminine so you could be more like source.

When you awaken your feminine you awaken the universe within you to create a life that lights you up!

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