5 Ways To Use Your Introvert Edge To Get Ahead In Online Business

5 Ways To Use Your Introvert Edge To Get Ahead In Online Business
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As any fellow introvert knows, we can feel pressured to match our extroverted friends in confidence and loudness. We're often told to 'be fearless' and 'speak up', when it goes against our natural tendencies. As an introverted business owner, I've found power in tapping into my introvert edge and using my natural strengths to enhance my online business.

Being an introverted solopreneur can be trying, but when we use our introverted power to our advantage, we open ourselves up to a joyful, empowered business that's perfectly aligned to us.

Saying no more than yes leads to success

As an introverted business owner, there's a constant threat of burning out when things get busy and we're being pulled in multiple directions at once. I quickly learnt to just say no. Saying no to anything that doesn't feel purposeful or beneficial, or anything that isn't a 'heck yes!' is so empowering.

Saying no is not only liberating, it's a key way to grow and thrive. It allows you to focus on purposeful projects, ones that energise you and incentivise you. It's ok to admit that certain projects or ideas aren't right for you as an introvert. It's what you do with that decision to say no that matters.

Harnessing the power of online communities

It's no secret that introverts thrive from solidarity and quiet moments, whereas extroverts soak in energy from interacting with people and social events. I knew from the get go in my business that regular in person networking events and meetings would drain my energy and focus. Instead, I opted for online communities, like Facebook groups to build connections.

The daily practice of building genuine relationships in online communities can have a huge impact for any business owner. There's something energising and magical about what I call the 'power of the online posse'.

A 24/7 community of like-minded business owners and aspirational creatives sharing advice and conversing. And the best part? You can jump in and out of the conversation as you please.

It's the new wave of business networking - the perfect fit for introverts!

Observing, then serving

Listening and observing is one of the quiet powers of an introvert. We love nothing more than to watch and listen so we can serve immense value that truly hits the mark.

Observing your communities needs and desires will allow you to empathise and understand them on a deeper level. While others may prefer to jump into an idea or project throwing everything at it, introverts can thrive from first observing and listening to their community and then delivering the perfect solution for them.

Quiet space breeds creativity

There's something magical about the power of quiet space. As an introvert it's the perfect breeding ground for creativity and magic.

As natural observers, it's common for introverts to be highly creative, as we pick up valuable perspectives and subtle intuitions from the world around us and channel that into our artistic outlets. Absorbing energy from moments of solidarity and quiet space allows ideas to flow and creativity to flourish.

Personally, it's the quiet moments of the morning before the hustle and bustle of the workday begins, that have the biggest impact on my business. These moments of creative outlet and inward focus are intrinsic to my success.

What gets learnt, gets taught

Introverts are natural lifelong learners. We soak in information wherever we go, absorbing it and then using it where necessary to teach others. As a business owner, your knowledge is power and as an introvert, you're a step ahead in being able to absorb knowledge and pass that on to your clients and community in meaningful and impactful ways.

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