5 Ways to Work With the Energy of This Mercury Retrograde

We're halfway through this Mercury retrograde in Libra! How are things going? Noticing your needs and values being lost in translation relative to your relationships with others?

I used to have such an aversion to listening to anything that had to do with astrology because I didn't believe the stars could predict our future and it annoyed me to see so much blame on what's happening out there in the universe. Now I understand that astrology really is reflective of all levels of human consciousness and their archetypes, so I've gone in deep exploring!

This retrograde is riding on the heels of the recent Venus retrograde and is all about communicating all of your values and needs to those you are in relationship with. It's an incredible opportunity to resolve any kind of communication issues! Here's how I've been resolving and healing some of my relationships and how to best work with this energy going forward.

1. Reflect on who you are, what you value and what you need in relation to another. Get crystal clear on what you need. you alone know yourself best.

2. Express yourself and everything you need to that person. Let go of any fears of self expression and take the initiative to speak your truth.

3. Don't get yourself in a tizzy if the other person doesn't respond in the way you want them to. People will be who they are and are reacting at their level of consciousness. As long as you make the effort, you are doing your part and it will feel so good just to get it all out there in the open.

4. Own your mistakes. Did you realize you weren't clearly communicating to someone? Fess up and apologize or do what you can to make things right.

5. Stop settling. If the other person is truly not giving you what you need, it's ok to let go of the relationship. When you cut that cord, you will find that other people enter into your life who share the same values, beliefs. Can you imagine then starting these new relationships with open, honest communication? You are truly setting the tone for trust and honesty!

I know many advise against taking action when a planet is in retrograde but I disagree. I've been being so much more honest and open with those I care for in my life. I have initiated conversations that I had been dreading for fear of how the other would respond. In this open level of connecting with others, it has only brought so much more truth, revelations and healing in my relationships.

We can use the stars to advise us on what may be happening within our consciousness and to become aware of how that energy is affecting us but our greatest gift is that of free will. Remember, you have the choice of how to direct the course of your life and it's up to you to take action to create life as you desire to live it.