5 Ways We Can Apply The Ancient Art of Feng Shui To Our Careers

zen stone in the sand....
zen stone in the sand....

As an intuitive business coach, my clients regularly tell me that they feel out of alignment with their careers. Either they work far too many hours in hopes of getting ahead and their regular lives are suffering, or they have thousands of ideas for projects and feel confused about the right moves to make, or they just plain feel paralyzed and uncertain. It's during these times that I like to remind them about the ancient art of feng shui.

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy of harmony, and in English, feng shui translates to "wind-water," two separate but equally powerful sides of a coin that press up against one another in a perfect balance. We can use the visual of black swirl hugging white swirl in a tight circle and apply it to our careers too. Here are 5 ways to do just that:

1. Stay mindful.
This one is first because that's how important it is. How often in meetings or during work hours are you actually present with what you're doing? Compare that to how often you spend checking your email or your phone or thinking about something you have to do later or feeling self-conscious or wondering if you're doing the right thing. Wouldn't that time be better spent soaking in the world around you? Because in those moments where you're fully present, that's where you can find brilliance.

2. Allow your time to expand.
Have you ever heard of Einstein time? It's the idea that your time expands in proportion to what you're experiencing. When you start loving what you do, it will feel like you haven't wasted any time at all. Every minute will be one you enjoy. And for me--and I suspect the same for you--the more time I can spend in love, the happier I am.

3. Meditate for clarity.
You'll be surprised how often we already know the answers to the questions we're asking. One of the easiest ways to discover that is through meditation. It quiets your mind long enough for the hints and the clues to turn into fully formed thoughts and action steps you can implement in your business. I maintain an hour-long meditation practice every single day. I know for some of you that sounds like a lot, but when I miss it everything feels off kilter. You don't have to begin with an entire hour, but aim to fit in at least 15-20 minutes of solid meditation time per day to achieve clarity for your career.

4. Go with the flow.
Sometimes in your career as in your life, things won't go your way. That's okay. It might be trying to teach you something about your path. Instead of forcing the situation to bend to your will, perhaps it's better to take a step back and adjust your direction. It's the difference between fighting to swim upstream and allowing the current to move you rapidly forward.

5. Set boundaries.
A few weeks ago a woman requested a meeting with me at 8 PM on a Sunday night. In my household Sunday nights are typically reserved for family, but she was insistent that it was the only time that worked for her. Against my better judgment, I gave in and set the appointment. That day my husband had planned things for us to do together, but we had to rush through them in order for me to get back before our call. You can already guess what happened when we got home--she didn't show up! I had sacrificed this quality time with my amazing husband and for what? Remember that you have control over what you say yes to. Set your boundaries and stick to them. Keep your personal time as your personal time and your career time as your career time and honor that commitment to yourself.

These 5 feng shui principles are a recipe for happiness in your career as well as your life. Once you learn to master them you'll achieve the harmony you've been dreaming of.

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