5 Ways You Can Support Your Child in College During Exams

Examination week is probably one of the most stressful period you and your child in college will face. You wanted to help as your student prepares and studies (and you might even have thought of taking the exam for them) but you obviously can't given how you're not living under the same roof like before when they're younger. On the other hand, your child may be feeling the pressure but wouldn't want to reach out to you because he wants to prove he can do it on his own (which is how it's supposed to be anyway). Despite this, know that you can help your child beat the stress and exhaustion that exam week can cause. Here are five tips to help you make them feel your support despite the distance.

1. Send friendly reminders.

Whether it's through Facebook, email, or calls, remind your child about the importance of being fully prepared. Encourage them to study as early as possible so they don't have to cram as the exam week approaches. Help them realize that procrastination won't benefit them at this time.

2. Make time for a video chat.

Sometimes, online reminders or calls won't be enough. You may need to find time to talk to them through video chat so you can address their needs in real time. Make yourself available when they are and never have them adjust their schedule to fit yours. Remember, they already got enough on their plate.

3. Give plenty of encouragement.

Let your child know how much you believe in them. Don't sugarcoat your compliments, though as your child is old enough to figure out whether you're being sincere or not. Tell them what's in your heart in a way a parent should: with love and a bit of teasing so they won't feel more pressure than what's necessary. More importantly, remind them that regardless of the outcome, they can rest assured on your support (as no failing score can change how parents will love their child).

4. Mail them a care package filled with healthy options.

We all know how exam week can encourage unhealthy habits like consuming too much caffeine and being awake until dawn for late night cram sessions, especially for students taking ukcat courses. For this reason, mail them a package containing healthier food choices with a note that reminds them to stick to healthier alternatives like whole wheat pretzels and nuts. Also stress on the importance of getting quality sleep.

5. Treat team to some R&R.

Ask your child when they can take some time off from studying. It would probably be during the weekends but know which specific day is it so you can send them a pleasant surprise. If it's not feasible to visit them personally, you'll surely make their day by paying for an activity they can do so they can take a break and just chill. You can check out sites like Groupon for any exciting activities happening within the vicinity of your child's apartment. Get your child and a close friend a voucher and email it to them.

The week of exams can be a stressful time but remember that it's a short period only. Trust that your child will be able to survive it. Keep these tips in mind also as you fulfill your parental role to your college student and you'll be amazed with how stress and anxiety can fuel peak performance in them.