5 Ways YOU Should Be Using Vinegar at Home

by Tabitha Sukhai for This Old House's The Snug

In case you hadn't heard, we launched a brand-new DIY community Called The Snug (thesnug.com)! At The Snug, we spotlight top-trending DIY ideas, handpicked by the editors of our parent company Time Inc. and DIYers like you!

What's trending this week? Moving (into dorms, especially) and cleaning (out your old space and scrubbing down the new space before you get your stuff in there)!

Check out these amazing household uses for vinegar that you'll wish you knew sooner!

1. Refluff towels
Fabric softener actually makes towels stiffer over time. Use 1 cup of white vinegar with detergent for a fluffier towel. Read more VIA The Snug.

2. Ungunk your coffeemaker with a flush
Clean a coffeemaker or a tea kettle by making a pot using a mixture of water and vinegar. Follow with several cycles of water to rinse. Read more VIA The Snug.

3. Erase scratches in wood furniture
A mixture of vinegar and olive oil works great for getting dings out of light-colored wood surfaces. Read more VIA The Snug.

4. Make a chemical-free weed killer
Spray full-strength vinegar on young weeds or grass that creep into places they're not welcome. The acidic properties of vinegar wilt and kill the baby plants by the very next day. Read more VIA The Snug.

Maybe we buried the lead there. But there really isn't anything that vinegar can't clean! DIY your own scented vinegar cleaner and you'll be on your way to a totally non-toxic home before you know it! Read more VIA The Snug.

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