#FiveWordstoRuinADate Is A Reminder Of How Quickly Things Can Go Wrong

Dating isn't easy, especially when you're middle-aged or older and haven't dated in, er, decades. But that isn't stopping anyone. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, people over 60 represent the fastest-growing demographic in the online dating world.

So say you do land a date. And you haven't dated in forever. What should you look out for? Thankfully, the following hashtag #FiveWordstoRuinADate has been trending on Twitter the last two days. This handy little list rolls out phrases that should immediately set off alarm bells.

And if you're over 50? We asked our Facebook fans what five-word phrases THEY never want to hear on a date. And here's what they had to say. Have anything to add? Let us know in comments.

"Do you have any Viagra?"

"Son lives in my basement"

"I'm looking for someone younger"

"Can we split the check?"

"Here's grandpa's photo brag book"

"You look like my ex"

"I can't see the menu"

"You looked better on OurTime"

"Why did you get divorced?"

"Do you have a helmet?"

"All I want is sex"

"Your half is, including tip"

"Up-oh, we need to go"

"I'm searching for bride #4"

"Have you ever tried Tinder?"

"I have a weak bladder"

"I live with my parents"

"I am not looking for..."

"Oops I forgot my wallet"

"My old girlfriend was a..."

"I'm having a hot flash"

"I'm getting a red corvette"

"My grandkids get my weekends"

"I haven't exercised in years"

"I want to get drunk"



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