5 Words to Reset Your Reality Every Day

People from all over the country came together in unity to witness the total solar eclipse, whether in person, on television, or on the internet. It was a rather rare occurrence and a type of reset for our country and the planet as a whole – a turning off and turning back on – in much the same way we reboot our computers. What few of us realize is that we can all reset our thoughts, and hence, our realities, every single day; we don’t need to wait for an extraordinary cosmic event to take place.

There are five very simple, yet very powerful, words that we don’t often speak or even think. The words are: "I am looking forward to..." You may wonder, "Well, how could thinking or saying these words possibly make a difference in my life?" The quick answer is: because by doing so, you are consciously creating your reality. By playing these words over in your mind, you'll not only start to recognize how many times you catch yourself thinking negatively, but you'll also see how differently you feel and how differently your life begins to look. Be consistent, and there will be an unmistakable shift.

What are you looking forward to? Have you asked yourself that question? Specifically, maybe you are looking forward to your house being paid off, or your children getting good grades in school. However, you could also be more general and look forward to your abundance, inner peace, or perfect health. You fill in the blank. You can be looking forward to just one thing or many, many things; it is completely up to you. What do you need to be truly happy? How about, "I am looking forward to a brand new beginning?" It really doesn't matter, just so it's important to you. Make it your mantra. Fill your thoughts with these words. Replace your mind's incessant chatter with them. This is how you create consciously - through intentional use of your focus - as opposed to creating through unconscious, internal noise that is usually negative.

You will find that your thoughts are much more effective in the physical world than your actions. This is because things happen energetically first, then they manifest physically. In fact, creating really takes little effort or time at all, just awareness in the present moment...Nothing is more powerful.

By using this technique, you will be able to once and for all see how your thoughts are able to change your life and reality. In order to further understand this principle, we need to acknowledge why it works:

1) Immediately Focuses on Progress

Concentrating on that which you are looking forward to instantly places you in a positive, hope-filled mindset. It makes you feel like everything you want in life is within reach; that it's realistic. It also keeps you in a high vibration. There is no room for victim or lack mentality, just appreciation and enthusiasm. Pay close attention to your emotions because they are your guidance system. They tell you what you're doing vibrationally. They tell you when you are out of sync with what you want and who you are. You cannot have your mind focused on negative things and have positive things happen in your life. If your thoughts are negative, there will be lack; there will be feelings of victimization. Just ask yourself, "Have you suffered enough? Is it enough already?"

Instead, by using this mantra: "I am looking forward to..." in your daily life, you become empowered and excited and start to believe and notice that forces are at work behind the scenes. You are able to comprehend and acknowledge that miraculous circumstances beyond your limited scope are falling into place just for the purpose of your bliss, and you are, perhaps for the first time in your life, allowing it.

2) Fully Anchors the Present Moment

Even though you're "looking forward", this is not something "out there" somewhere. You are there and focusing on it in the present moment. It is happening, and you can't wait! It is on the schedule. It is part of the plan. It's a done deal, and that is your point of power. The how, when, where is unimportant. The universe will fill in the details. The bottom line is you have opened the door to infinite possible ways in which what you are looking forward to will manifest.

3) Directs What Shows Up

You have the capability of directing only certain situations into your energy field and vibration. Constant thoughts of that which you are looking forward to keeps your mind off situations that would normally worry or upset you; and therefore, blocks them. Just as your thoughts can block what it is that you want, they can also block what you don't want. What is crucial to remember is that attention to anything activates its energy in your energy field. Even if you're saying, "no", to it, you're actually saying, "yes", if you're giving it your attention. So, what are you letting in? By changing your random thoughts to pointed thoughts of what you are looking forward to, you are choosing that which shows up in your life. In order for something to show up, you have to acknowledge it. If you do, then that activates all the things that resonate on that same vibrational level, and that is what flows into your life.

Start today! Become more actively involved in the unfoldment of the events in your life by calling forth your blessings now! "I am looking forward to my best life! I am looking forward to love, fun, and wealth in all ways!" How about you?

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