'Will You Marry My Dad?': 5-Year-Old Wingman Helps Dad Propose To Girlfriend In The Cutest Way

A dad in Norway enlisted the help of his 5-year-old son to ask his girlfriend one very important question: “Will you marry, marry my… my dad?”

On Monday, YouTuber André Nordstrand uploaded this adorable proposal video. In it, his son, Kristian, is seen offering a “secret” gift to the unsuspecting girlfriend while the trio picnicked on a mountain top.

“I prepared him well before and promising him a toy he really wanted if he helped me,” Nordstrand wrote on Reddit of his son’s involvement. “Was really no problem, he was super excited anyway, really likes my girlfriend.”

In the package Kristian offered was a ring and a 3D-printed raider inspired by “Battlestar Galactica.” Nordstrand, 32, told The Huffington Post that he designed the ring and printed the raider himself.

“Wow, I’m really excited,” his girlfriend said in Norwegian as she opened the gift.

Did she say yes or no? Watch the video above to see the answer for yourself.

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