Faith Ladd, 5-Year-Old Girl, Identifies Brand Logos In Adorable Project (VIDEO)

Faith Ladd is drawn to the BP logo mostly because it's bright, colorful and resembles a flower.

So when the spirited 5-year-old and her father were driving to grab some food on Sunday, she spotted the sign and asked if someone designed the logo.

"Yes," said dad and graphic designer Adam Ladd, who told The Huffington Post he often discusses elements of his job with his daughter.

Soon, the ride turned into a game of sorts, with Ladd pointing out several logos, and Faith identifying what she thought they were.

For example, McDonald's golden arches don't just create an "M"; they're two french fries pushed together.

Intrigued by their exchange, Ladd decided to gather 35-40 logos and record his daughter's interpretation of them. He encouraged her to describe what she saw and say the first things that came to mind.

The result? A nearly three-minute video filled with insightful yet adorable explanations of today's most popular brands.

Faith might be able to identify a handful of brands she's familiar with, but the 5-year-old's interpretation of the Greyhound, Jaguar and Puma logos is just too cute for words (about 1:31 into the video).

"I was kind of chuckling inside as I was recording her," Ladd said, explaining Faith even stated her grandfather works for General Electric, a fact he had no idea she knew.

The girl sure knows how to win over an audience, but that's no surprise to dad, who says Faith "likes to ham it up for people."

"Faith, you're getting famous in the design community," Ladd said he told his daughter when the video began gaining steam on the web. All the 5-year-old could do was smile.

Watch the video above to hear Faith's clever takes on today's most popular brands.

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