5-Year-Old Painter Has Already Sold Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Her Work

The pint-sized artist donates some of the money she makes to charities.

Cassie Gee started painting at 3 years old. Now 5, the pint-sized painter has sold close to 200 pieces and donated hundreds of dollars to charities from her sales.

Based in Sydney, Cassie is known as Cassie Swirls online for her swirl paintings. Linda Gee, Cassie’s mom, told HuffPost her daughter mainly uses acrylic mixed with water on canvas for her art. She has also experimented with resin and ink.

According to Linda, Cassie ― who has been grabbing headlines lately ― has sold 60 paintings in the past week alone and is currently working on more.

Aside from adding a bit of color and swirls to people’s homes, Cassie also gives some of the money she makes from her paintings to charities. Linda told HuffPost Cassie has donated more than $750, as well as original paintings, to various charities to aid their missions, which include supporting women who are homeless, fighting cancer and helping people who are blind. In August, she helped YourAid install a rainwater tank for Cambodian school children with a $250 donation.

Cassie’s work, which is available on Etsy and Society6, also reflects her cheerful personality.

“She likes to add glitter and holographic stars to make her paintings ‘happy,’” Linda said.

See more of Cassie’s work below and learn more about her on her site and on Facebook.