5-Year-Old Kid Shoots 4-Year-Old At D.C. Area Playground

A 5-year-old boy shot his 4-year-old neighbor in the back at a Maryland playground, investigators said.

The shooting occurred on Thursday afternoon at an apartment complex in Hilcrest Heights in Prince George’s County, about 10 miles southeast of Washington D.C., the Washington Post reported.

The young victim, who suffered one gunshot wound to the torso, was taken to the local hospital and is expected to survive, according to Fox News.

The 5-year-old shooter was scared after the incident and reportedly ran home to hide the handgun, which was later recovered by the police.

It's still not clear how the boy obtained the gun.

The shooter's uncle, 29-year-old Dee Johnson, told the Washington Post that the boy found the gun outside and claimed that the boy's mother, who lives in the apartment with three other children, does not keep guns in the house.

Neighbors told the paper the two boys frequently played outside together -- often unsupervised. One neighbor who would only speak anonymously said, “I think it’s sad, little kids out here playing and one of them gets shot.”

Authorities are questioning apartment residents about the incident, and it is possible that charges will be filed.