The 50 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Hey, listen, it's cool. When it comes to the Super Bowl, you don't have to pretend to be interested in the game itself anymore. Admit it, you settle in for the commercials, and when the game comes back on, that's when you take your bathroom break.

That's become a standard response for viewing the Super Bowl: "I just watch for the commercials." And networks and advertisers know this, of course, which is why the cost to advertisers is around $4.5 million per 30 second spot.

Still, we don't have to foot any of those bills, and if your team's not in it, why not just sit back and enjoy some of the year's best advertising efforts? And over the years, there have been some incredibly memorable ads, from the epic Orwellian Apple short to the Budweiser frogs to Betty White getting clobbered in a pickup football game.

To prepare for another year of (hopefully) memorable commercials, here's a primer of the 50 best Super Bowl commercials of all time:

50 Greatest Super Bowl Ads