50 Cent Takes Command At The Daily News, Proves He Would Make The Best Editor Ever

50 Cent Takes Over The New York Daily News

New York City, you are now filing with 50 Cent. And you gotta love it.

Strolling the offices of The Daily News Wednesday, rapper 50 Cent took command of the paper's "Confidenti@l" gossip column, barking orders at staffers and making tough editorial decisions, like what bikini shots to run.

"People, people!" shouted the Queens-bred MC, sporting a black flat-brim baseball cap with the word "EDITOR" printed across the front. "I'm just coming to check to make sure the morale is still good in the room. You guys are awfully quiet. Is there no news taking place in New York City?"

50 also gave some business tips, imploring the paper to publish more photos of him to help boost ad revenue, and sat in on an editorial meeting before participating in a live Q&A session with fans.

Despite announcing Wednesday that he has a new album in the works with Eminem, 50 Cent seems to have found his true calling.

"Do you know how much influence the Daily News has?" he said. "Look, if you make it to the Daily News and you ain't got on handcuffs, you made it."

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