50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017

50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017
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In her recent article on Huffington Post, Allison O’Kelly talked about how women-owned businesses are on the rise. While that’s worth major applause, it’s not rosy for all women in business.

Women still face an uphill battle, and have to cope with inequities like gender bias, pay gaps, and discrimination in funding. According to Deloitte, only 13% of venture capital goes to women-led ventures, a sad reflection on the reality we still live in.

Fortunately, venture capital is not the only way forward. There’s a new breed of entrepreneurs out there who are forging their own paths and building businesses online. They’re creating their own brands and online courses, effectively removing the need for capital, breaking through the glass ceiling, and closing the gender gap.

At Thinkific, we’ve seen that gender gap close completely with over 55% of the top online course creators being female. Many of them run million dollar training programs, and they’re teaching other women how to do the same.

If you’re tired of battling the gender biased corporate world, or are having trouble growing your own company, follow these fifty inspiring digital rock-stars and join the club of women taking business into their own hands.

You can watch many of them live, hear how they built their business, and ask them your questions at WE Online – the online summit for women entrepreneurs starting Oct 24th. Learn more here.

Amber Aziza

Amber is an ex-corporate warrior who spent ten years helping organizations foster happy and engaged Millennials. She runs and operates ASquared Coach which focuses on helping millennial and millennial-at-heart entrepreneurs build their businesses to six and seven figures.

Amy Port

Amy Port is the Co-Founder and Director of Training of Heroic Public Speaking. Amy’s work extends from the execution of corporate training packages, to development of CEO keynotes, private master classes, and coaching.

As a public speaker, Amy knows how to captivate an audience, something she’ll be sharing in her presentation during WE Online.

Amy Porterfield

Amy is a leading social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She helps entrepreneurs establish strategies to increase the success of their online marketing efforts. Amy also creates and sells online programs to teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to leverage social media.

Ashley Ambirge

Ashley Ambirge is a brand language expert, trained linguist and former Director of PR for AWeber. She is also the CEO & founder of House of Moxie, Inc. and The Middle Finger Project blog, where she discusses ways to start creative businesses. She teaches entrepreneurs to break the mold, stand out in a sea of sameness, and sell their ideas.

Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette is a respected career coach, consummate entrepreneur and founder of The Women’s Code, a unique guide to personal and career success that offers a new code of conduct for today’s business, private and digital world.

Beate has developed a system for targeting and attracting the right clients, which she’ll share at WE Online.

Bushra Azhar

Bushra is a Persuasion Strategist. She started her business in July 2014 and in less than two years, she has created a business that brings in $40,000 per month—and it’s still only her “part-time" gig.

Bushra will be talking about the psychology of persuasion and copywriting during WE Online.

Carrie Rose

Carrie holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. She saw first hand the dramatic change an education delivered through carefully chosen strategies can have on a person. Currently, she works with entrepreneurs, online marketers, and businesses around the country to provide the highest quality of online courses.

Learn how to improve completion rates of your online course from her on October 24th.

Cassie Howard

Cassie helps women entrepreneurs ditch overwhelm and confusion, step into their power and make bank. She went from $30K a year to more than $100K a year in just 12 months. Now she teaches other women entrepreneurs how to do the same.

One of Cassie’s successful strategies is converting Facebook followers into paying clients, and she’ll be talking about that during WE Online.

Chalene Johnson

Chalene is the CEO of Team Johnson where she has taught her personal and business development systems to hundreds of thousands of people. She has a passion for helping others live fuller lives, and she accomplishes this via her motivational workshops and camps, personal writings, live internet chats, blogs, and monthly subscription audio programs.

Chrissy Marriner

Chrissy teaches coaches and online entrepreneurs how to create their dream life in real life. She attracted her first 1,000 clients in just one month by learning and mastering Instagram. She also runs the Launch Nation, an online group of entrepreneurs building their coaching businesses together.

Chrissy will be spilling her Instagram secrets on October 26th. If you use Instagram, you don’t want to miss this.

Dana Malstaff

Dana is a mother, business & content strategist, coach, and podcaster. She is also the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, and the founder of the Boss Mom Movement.

Dana will be talking about how to nurture a tribe that helps grow your business on WE Online.

Danielle Laporte

Danielle LaPorte is the creator of The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul — the book that turned into a day planner system, a top iTunes app, and an international workshop program. She is also the co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan and co-host of the Beautiful Writer’s Group podcast.

Donna Moritz

Donna is a veteran social media strategist and visual marketing specialist, and the brains behind Socially Sorted. She’s passionate about word of mouth marketing and content strategy and loves visual social media.

Having cracked the code on visual content, Donna will be talking about what makes visuals go viral on October 24th.

Dorie Clark

Dorie is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of Reinventing You.

There’s no one better to teach you about building your personal brand than Dorie, so come watch her at WE Online.

Esther Kiss

Esther Kiss is the co-founder of Strategic Influence and founder of Born To Influence, a one-of-a-kind publicity and marketing agency, where she helps experts and personal brands get exposure for an extended period of time by placing them on the right media outlets.

Find out how she does it at her presentation on the secrets of building influence online.

Fabiola Giordani

Fabiola helps fabulous online female entrepreneurs find their voice and build their profitable brands through fresh, fiery, focused branding and modern marketing strategies. She made her first five-figure month in less than ninety days of starting her business and she’s never looked back.

Heather Armstrong

Heather is widely acknowledged to be the most popular “mommy blogger” in the world. Her website, Dooce, has twice been listed as one of the 25 best blogs in the world by Time Magazine. She is also a New York Times best selling author.

Heather Havenwood

Heather Ann Havenwood is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies, and marketing. In 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months.

Heather will be sharing a powerful strategy to get free publicity October 25th.

Jaime Tardy

Jaime is a business coach and speaker who helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She is the founder of Eventual Millionaire, a website that features a new millionaire interview each week that focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Jeanine Blackwell

Jeanine is a strategist, performance analyst, marketing guru and motivational coach all rolled up into one. She has helped hundreds of course creators unlock the brilliance in their heads and bring it into the world with her program, Create Six-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp.

In her WE Online talk, Jeanine will show you exactly how to build your own six-figure online course.

Jenn Scalia

Jenn is the no-BS, go-to business mentor and visibility strategist who turns online business wallflowers into brazen business babes who shine. She went from rock-bottom to $500K in just two years, and now she shows others how to do the same.

Don’t miss Jenn’s talk about the kind of mindset you need to build a six-figure business.

Kathryn Hocking

Kathryn helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses. She built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs.

Kerry Gorgone

Kerry is recognized as a leading expert at the crucial intersection of law, social media, marketing, and PR. Her views on the legal aspects of social media and marketing have been featured on CBS Radio and NBC Nightly News.

If you’ve ever been confused about the law aspect of business, come watch Kerry talk on WE Online.

Kyla Roma

Kyla helps dedicated business owners get out of reaction mode, get organized and build a thriving business, their way. Since 2009 she has worked behind the scenes on hundreds of online businesses from DIY minded solopreneurs and high-income business owners.

Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn is a social media power influencer, blogger, podcaster and business coach who is known for her Twitter expertise. Ranked as the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, she blogs about social media and technology.

Mari Smith

Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media marketing. She is a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

Marie Forleo

Since first launching a one-woman business coaching practice in 2001, Marie has built a multi-million dollar empire. Her company focuses on small business and personal development training for female entrepreneurs.

Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into Online Superheroes. She helps entrepreneurs create a business that is authentic and aligned with who they are, so they can be the superhero to their tribe, as well as in their own lives.

Marisa will be teaching the same concepts that she does in Live Your Message at WE Online.

Marshawn Evans

Reinvention Strategist Marshawn Evans is a faith and business mentor to life-changers, those looking to launch and live their purpose, while elevating their inner beliefs, income, and brand influence in the marketplace.

Mimika Cooney

Mimika is known as the go-to video marketing expert. She loves to teach and offers business and marketing consulting for lifestyle entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and creatives. She also has her own web show, where she interviews successful entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses.

Natalie Sisson

Natalie is on a mission to help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs create true freedom in life by 2020. She’s a writer, author, public speaker, blogger and fun-loving, down-to-earth entrepreneur. Her blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, has inspired thousands of people to build their own online businesses.

Natalie will show you how to monetize yourself through your blog and personality on October 25th.

Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is the remarkable woman behind the Business Building Rockstar brand. She hosts an annual online summit, two podcasts, plus has a virtual academy where she supports entrepreneurs at every level in making a greater impact in the world.

Pamela Slim

Since 2005, Pamela has helped thousands of people to start successful businesses. She built a powerful online presence at Escape from Cubicle Nation, a site designed for corporate employees who wanted to make the shift to entrepreneur. Her two bestselling books are Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work.

Pamela has built a powerful network online, and she will teach you how to do the same during WE Online.

Poornima Vijayashanker

Poornima Vijayashanker is an entrepreneur, engineer, author, and speaker who has made her mark on the tech world. She was the founding engineer at Mint and went on to launch Femgineer, an education company for tech professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build software products and companies.

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a speaker, Poornima will be sharing some invaluable tips in her WE Online presentation.

Regan Hillyer

Regan is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mindset coach and author of the bestselling book Be Your Brand. She specializes in helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands. She has trained thousands of people, helping them build multiple six and seven-figure businesses.

Clearly, Regan knows a thing or two about building brands, and she’ll be sharing her knowledge on October 25th.

Renée Warren

Renée is the Co-Founder of Onboardly, a company that works with funded technology startups that have a product their customers love. Often referred to as a “geek in stilettos,” Renée has been an entrepreneur since she was 17 years old.

Renée has managed to build her empire even while building a family, and she talks about how during WE Online.

Rosetta Thurman

Rosetta is the author of Launch Your Business, and the founder of HappyBlackWoman.com, a supportive community that empowers women all over the world to transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. She provides high-level training, coaching and mentoring for women who want to create lives of happiness, success, and freedom.

Sally Hogshead

Sally is the creator of the Fascination Personality test: the world’s first personality assessment that measures what makes someone fascinating. Sally further explores the science of fascination in her NY Times best seller, Fascinate: How To Make Your Brand Impossible To Resist.

Sally is all about identifying strengths and competitive edges, and she’ll be kicking off WE Online with a presentation on that.

Sarah Cordiner

Sarah is renowned for her rapid business success – going from homeless to having a 7 figure business in just 18 months. She shares her story and her strategies with business owners of all kinds and sizes so that they can replicate her success and her motivation.

Sarah Grear

Sarah has personally written copy for over 200 businesses from startups to seven figures. As a copy conversion mentor, speaker, and published author, her focus is on helping entrepreneurs turn online lookers into buyers with persuasive writing.

Shaa Wasmund

Shaa is an entrepreneur, public speaker and the author of #1 bestselling books Stop Talking, Start Doing and Do Less, Get More. In 2015 she was awarded an MBE for ‘Services to Business and Entrepreneurship’ and was recently named one of the UK’s Top 20 Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times.

If you want to know how to make real money from your passion, Shaa’s talk is for you.

Shadé Adu

Shadé is a global brand strategist, empowerment speaker, and the founder of Savvy Consulting LLC which offers online branding services for women entrepreneurs. Shadé teaches entrepreneurs how to strategize and establish themselves as visible and credible online rockstars.

Stephanie Nickolich

Stephanie AKA "The Millionista Mentor" and founder of The #Collaborich Conference is a doubt crushing, confidence boosting, cash catapulting success strategist that teaches service-based businesses how to shift their money mindsets, capitalize on their greatest strengths and create solid strategies for success.

Her upcoming presentation on creating a powerful sales funnel is a must-watch for any entrepreneur.

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue, also known as #TheInstagramExpert, built her career empowering entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to utilize the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a highly sought-after business coach, she has traveled the world speaking, inspiring, and sharing her knowledge and extensive experience about social media marketing.

Sue will be teaching you all about her social media strategies during WE Online.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny works with entrepreneurs, personal brands and corporations to help them bring their business online through social media and video marketing. She has worked with hundreds of clients across multiple industries – from tech start-ups to entrepreneurs to authors.

As a professional broadcaster, Sunny knows the intricacies of creating compelling videos, and she’ll be sharing her knowledge on October 28th.

Tara Gentile

Tara is the creator of Quiet Power Strategy and a best-selling author. She works with coaches, writers, doctors, designers, and many others to help them better understand their customers, make a bigger impact in those customers’ lives, and generate more revenue doing it.

Tash Corbin

Tash helps people to uncover and value that unique ‘something’ they have to offer the world. She works with heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs, whether they be teachers, mentors, coaches, healers, yogis, instructors or advisors.

Trena Little

Trena is an MBA graduate who quit the "perfect" job because she was bored and wanted to follow her passion of online video and editing. She works with entrepreneurs who are really passionate about their business and thrive off their hard work and resilience.

Vicki Saunders

Vicki has co-founded and run four ventures in Europe, Toronto and Silicon Valley including Zazengo, KidsNRG/The NRG Group, and Impactanation. She now runs SheEO, an organization dedicated to supporting women-led ventures.

Vicki will show you how to tap into your networks to grow your business in her WE Online presentation.

Viveka Von Rosen

Viveka is known internationally as the "LinkedIn Expert” and speaks to executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, Legal Firms and associations on the benefits of marketing with social media, and in particular LinkedIn.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being able to meet so many remarkable female entrepreneurs, it’s that our best resource is each other. It’s not cheesy, it’s true. When we learn from each others’ mistakes and pull each other up, we make it easier for more women to call themselves successful entrepreneurs.

Come to WE Online, learn from the best, transform your business, and join a network of thousands of women entrepreneurs.

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