50 Reasons Why Sam Smith Should Go to Prom With Me

Sam Smith poses for photographers upon arrival at the Elle Style Awards in London, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. (Photo by Joel Rya
Sam Smith poses for photographers upon arrival at the Elle Style Awards in London, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)-

I'll be honest here: I used to laugh at the teenagers who would ask their favorite celebrity to attend prom, winter formal or homecoming with them. Why, I wondered, would they want an A-List celebrity to show up to their prom?

However, this summer, I discovered an incredible artist named Sam Smith who completely rocked my world, and changed my outlook on music forever. It's my senior year, and although my chances of getting a reply are zero to nothing, I thought I'd whip up a list of why Sam Smith and I would be the coolest prom-goers around:

1. Your favorite designer happens to be Alexander McQueen, who, by stroke of fate, happens to be one of mine as well. We could roll into prom wearing a McQueen dress and tux, and the whole universe would explode from the plethora of awesomeness placed before it.

2. Your music mimics a lonely person, and nobody should have to live life feeling lonely. Please tell me "I'm Not The Only One" who thinks this?!

3. I'm quite the dancer. Not to brag, but my Macarena skills are pretty impressive.

4. The last dance I went to was during my sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, I could only stay for an hour because I was throwing up in the bathroom! Going to prom with you would be a pretty sweet way to redeem me of that memory.

5.You like In-N-Out. I like In-N-Out.

6. My No. 1 New Year's resolution this year (2015) is to meet you. However, I try to go above and beyond what I wish for. Why just meet you, when I could go to prom with you?

7. You're only 22 and already have a hit album. I'm 17 and I already have a media company and a nonprofit organization. Therefore, the fusion of our unique talents and abilities would be a combination too incredible to turn down!

8. You're a noted feminist, and I happen to be the president of the Female Empowerment Club. On our way to prom, we could have a riveting discussion on the latest developments in women's rights.

9. Your music has taught me a lot of things, but one of the most profound things I learned is to be brave -- to stand in the face of unrequited love and still hold the capacity to feel. So this is me taking a chance, and asking you to make my senior year complete by going to prom with me!

10. You're a beautiful tenor. I'm an alto. If we sang together, it would be a mixture of Jesus, Fergie, fireworks and the kind of churro that melts in your mouth.

11. You grew up in England, so you never got to experience what an American prom is like. This is the perfect chance to do so!

12. Your birthday is on May 19, which is close to the time we have our prom. What a cool way to ring in your 23rd birthday by celebrating with one of your biggest fans!

13. From what I've heard, there's lot of people who want to relive their high school experience. You could take a trip back in time by going to Norco High School for a night!

14. My school may be small, but it's the perfect opportunity to make some new friends, take some selfies and develop some new fans for your music.

15. Going to prom with a fan is something you've never done before! 2015 can be a year of taking chances, experiencing more and trying something new, and what better way to begin that philosophy by going to prom with me?

16. This could be an awesome opportunity for you to find new inspirations for an upcoming song. I hear it now: "Will you go to prom with me?/'cause it's all I need/listen love it's clear to see/darling, go to prom with me."

17. You're a busy guy, so why not take a night off from working? It's a night of dancing, food and fun music, the perfect way to recharge for your upcoming projects.

18. This will give you the opportunity to talk to teenagers, since teens make up a huge percentage of your fan base. You could see what we like, what we don't like and what we want!

19. If you have new music that hasn't been released yet, this is your chance to try it out on a group of willing teens who love your music.

20. As a child, you would dress up like Mary Poppins and float around with your dad. I have a hashtag on Instagram based on my extreme love for Mary Poppins, called #juliasjollyholiday. If you went to prom with me, I'd be willing to extend the hashtag to #samandjuliasjollyholiday.

21. Your accent is literally the best. I'd be pretty content to hear your accent all day. I know my American accent is not the most impressive, but maybe yours could rub off on mine and it could just be a good thing all around.

22. We have the same favorite animal: an elephant! Imagine rolling into prom on an elephant as we discuss women's rights while listening to Stevie Wonder. Epic.

23. You've read every book in the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I've read none. This is the perfect opportunity to educate a youth on the glory of Hogwarts, Edward and Bella.

24. One day, I'll look back at my senior year and wonder why I didn't do certain things. Why didn't I buy a yearbook? Why didn't I join more clubs? But one thing I won't regret is asking you to my senior prom. This is the perfect moment to look back on when I'm old and wrinkly and remember that when I was at the ripe age of 17, I took a chance.

25. I'm full of really awesome Disney quotes, to be used during virtually any situation.

26. You admitted openly that you deal with OCD, and this is something that I admire you so heavily for. We all have our faults and failures, but you are able to be so vulnerable about it. You are not just an artist I listen to; you're someone I look up to.

27. I feel like I relate to you, as we both want more than what this life has to offer. In an interview with Fame Focus, you said that you "want to see the world. I want to be rich in all the foods I've tasted and all the places I've been and all the people I've kissed. I want to be rich in every single way."

28. Your favorite way to relax is by eating food. Rumor has it, there is some pretty great food at prom...

29. I'm a sad AP student with no social life. Help a sister out.

30. I saw you at the 2014 American Music Awards but we were on two completely different sides of the red carpet. So, so, so close.

31. You used to do musical theater. In the prime days of my youth, I was a tiger, a cackling woman and a murderous nun in my musical theater career.

32. You like Beyoncé. When I go to Starbucks, I order under the name of Beyoncé. Together, we could be flawless.

33. You are my spirit animal. It's basically meant to happen.

34.I told my friends to "Say a Little Prayer" for you to see this and go to prom with me (and also because that's the first song you learned the words to).

35. I've just watched about four hours of interviews to put this article together.

36. And even more hours of reading Internet articles.

37. If you combine our names, it's either "Schemith" or "Smithmer." What's cooler than that?

38. My nickname around my house is "Lala," so when you sing that song, you're essentially singing it about me.

39. My favorite tea is English Breakfast tea, as is yours. Together we could be as sweet, hot (in our Alexander McQueen outfits) and of course, British.

40. You're an old soul, and my parents often worry about me because they think I was somehow born in the 1940s. Who needs technology when you have swing dancing and old-fashioned fun?

41. You're inspired by Whitney Houston, and my best friend's name is Whitney. Coincidence? I think not!

42. I'm traveling to Europe this summer for the first time, and would like to hear your recommendations on where to go, what to do and what to eat.

43. I'm also a journalist, so on our way to prom, we could do an interview, thus enhancing your publicity. No worries bro, I got you.

44. Your voice sounds like Jesus. Therefore, I'd basically be attending prom with Jesus which is pretty rad.

45. I had a dream that I met you and we took a really cool selfie that shut down Twitter. And then I woke up and was sad because I didn't really meet you. If I got to meet you, it'd be a chance to be happy. I like being happy.

46. I'm having trouble coming up with what I want to have as my senior quote. Since you have an awesome way with words, maybe you could be the author of my senior quote.

47. I won't have another excuse to buy an expensive dress until my wedding.

48. We're both photogenic people, so our prom pictures would look rad.

49. I wish I had the opportunity to tell you how much your music made an impact in my life. When I designed the first edition of my magazine, your album was all that I listened to. (It's still all I listen to, I'll be honest.) Your music dynamically changed my life, and showed me that it's okay to be in the lonely hour, but also gave me the hope that I won't always be in there either.

50. I just came up with a list of 49 other reasons. C'mon Sam!

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