'50 Shades Of Gay,' Written By Chicago Blues Songwriters, Aims For LGBT-Inclusive Message

Chicago-based blues musicians Terry Abrahamson and Derrick Procell hope their new ditty spreads a message of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality while also hitting "the right note between lighthearted and serious."

Although its title is a winky nod to the bestselling book, "50 Shades of Gay" recalls the struggles of the LGBT community while also celebrating its more recent victories.

"Kisses in the dark, surrounded by a wall of shame/Living for a love they said could never speak its name," Procell croons in the song. "And we're more than daddies in leather, or the girls on the golf course tee/We are the CEOs and the FBI, even the GOP."

The accompanying video was shot in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Procell told The Huffington Post that he and Abrahamson (a Grammy Award winner for his work for Muddy Waters) hope that '50 Shades of Gay" will eventually be recorded by a popular artist who will bring the tune in the mainstream.

"In my heart of hearts, my dream is to have a cast of all-star LGBT artists -- Elton [John], Melissa [Etheridge], Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert -- doing the song a la 'We Are The World,'" he said. "Hey, a fella can dream, right?"

Take a look at "50 Shades of Gay" above.

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