Disposable Chopsticks: DIY Tips You'd Never Think Of (PHOTOS)

20 Amazing Uses For Disposable Chopsticks

We normally unwrap takeout chopsticks, eat with them and dispose of them without much thought. Recently, though, there has been a small wave of transnational activism aimed at reducing the use of disposable chopsticks stateside and in Asia; chopsticks, activists say, are contributing to heavy deforestation in China.

The approach of activist groups like Greenpeace East Asia has been to encourage individuals to carry reusable chopsticks, and The New York Times reports that many restaurants in Asia and in America are no longer popping disposable chopsticks into every takeout bag. Given that your local sushi place may not have jumped on the conservation bandwagon yet, I'd like to help you at least get an extra use out of disposable chopsticks. Here are 50 ways you can reuse those takeout chopsticks.

Tips courtesy of Networx. For the rest of Networx's "50 Uses for Disposable Chopsticks," visit their website. Images courtesy of Flickr users as credited.

20 Uses For Disposable Chopsticks

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