Cozy Mountain Cabin Built From Repurposed Windows Costs Just $500 To Make (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Couple Quits Jobs To Build This Dream Cabin

The patch of forest in West Virginia where photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz spend time away from their busy lives in Milwaukee wasn't always brimming with this much charm. Yes, it had a view of killer sunsets and was impressive enough for Nick to bring Lilah here on their first date (we're hoping the couple lived in West Virginia at the time, as the hike from Milwaukee is a bit much on a first date). But it was their addition to the landscape -- a cabin made from repurposed windows and materials salvaged from a nearby abandoned barn -- that truly makes it what it is.

"When we were living here and building it, it definitely didn't ever feel like an escape," Nick says of the cabin, which took the couple a few months and all of $500 to build (on a plot of land owned by Nick's family).

Inside, there's no electricity or plumbing, necessities that are easily overshadowed by the home's most stunning feature, an entire wall mode of windows salvaged from abandoned houses and estate sales around the country.

"We thought: Wouldn't it be cool if we had a house where the whole wall was windows? Then you would never have be trying to fit the sunset into one little space," Lilah says.

So the couple quit their jobs, lived on rice and beans and brought their vision to life.

Check out the result and hear more of Nick and Lilah's story in the video series "Half Cut Tea," below, which explores artists and their works.

glass cabin

glass cabin

glass cabin

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