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Candy Mogul Unveils $500 Jelly Beans


Since $1,000 bagels and ice cream sundaes with gold leaves were already in existence, obviously it's time for jelly beans to get some bling as well.

Jelly Belly founder David Klein has partnered with Leaf Brands to unveil the gold leaf-coated "Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans" which are sold in crystal jars (natch) and claim inspiration from "food deconstructionists" José Andrés and Ferran Adrià.

Leaf Brands describes the beans as "...literally an exotic trip around the world though the sense of taste via never-before-tasted jelly bean flavors... Imagine creating a Thai Lemongrass Curry or an Indian Mango Chutney dish by constructing complex dishes in your mouth, and giving it an explosion of taste that hits all your senses."

Sounds exciting, but for a bit more than $500, one can almost take a literal exotic trip. Or, for less than $10, one can get a perfectly tasty -- and filling -- curry or chutney.

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