'5,000 Years Of Makeup' Proves Just How Far We've Come

Thank goodness it's 2015. 💄💋

In an age where pretty much any makeup goes, it's hard to imagine being pigeonholed like women were in the looks of the past.

In the video above, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge walks us through 5,000 years of mostly European female makeup standards. The trends range from the Renaissance era, when dramatic beauty standards in demanded highly toxic foundation and poisonous blush...

...to the Victorian age, when English ladies resorted to pinching their cheeks as a way to rebel against the idea that less makeup meant more morals:

Then, of course, there were the '80s.

The video misses how makeup was developing in other parts of the world, like Asia and Africa. But we're pretty sure women all over will agree: we're REALLY glad we're where we are today.

For more on the topic, check out this video:

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