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200,000 sign petition for Olbermann

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As Danny Shea, Sam Stein, and others are well documenting, Keith Olbermann's suspension is getting a ton of attention. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is organizing the public to do something about it. In just a few hours, , , , 200,000 MSNBC viewers signed our petition saying:

"Keith Olbermann made your network a success. If you want your viewers to keep tuning in to MSNBC, put Keith back on TV now!" Sign here - keep the momentum going!

Literally thousands of people have shared the petition on Facebook and Twitter, including Michael Moore who Tweeted, "Sign this emergency petition to @msnbc to put @KeithOlbermann back on the air." The petition's now on Reddit too.

In our email to PCCC members announcing the petition, we pointed out the irony of this move -- given this week's election:

The Democratic Party sadly saw this week what happens when you alienate your base. Tell MSNBC that if they want to keep their viewers, they must put Keith back on the air NOW!

This is a no-brainer. Keith was one of the only people speaking truth to power for years -- and we need to speak truth to power now, for him. Sign the petition today -- then tell your friends.