52 Percent Of Men Said They Don’t Benefit From Birth Control, Women Lost Their Chill

Somebody please tell these men what birth control does.

According to a recent survey, more than half of American men don’t believe they have benefited personally from women having access to affordable birth control. The women of Twitter were quick to point out why this is so ridiculous.

On Wednesday, non-partisan polling group PerryUndem released a study about contraceptives and contraceptive policy “through a gender lens.” PerryUndem polled over one thousand registered voters in the U.S. earlier this month, and found that generally, voters have fairly progressive views about reproductive health care. The survey found that a majority of Americans opposed defunding Planned Parenthood, and that 80 percent of voters believed women should be able to have sex for non-procreative purposes without fear of getting pregnant.

But the study also found that many male voters weren’t able to make the connection between the thing that allows women to have that non-procreative sex (birth control) and the ways that men benefit from it (not having to deal with the mental, emotional and financial costs of unplanned pregnancies, for example).

The study found that only 37 percent of men said that affordable birth control access benefitted them personally, while 52 percent said that it did not, and 9 percent weren’t sure. (It’s worth pointing out that the men most likely to not recognize a personal benefit were over the age of 60, and that men ages 18 to 44 were more likely to see a benefit.)

Considering it’s men who seem to make a majority of the decisions about the issue of access to reproductive care, and it’s also men who often report on these decisions, one might hope they had a broader view on the impact access to birth control has on everyone.

As usual, the women of Twitter were quick to respond.

Check out 15 of the best responses below:

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