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52 Tips to Get Unstuck in 2014

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Sometimes I dread the new year for this uneasy feeling of making resolutions that may not stick.

The problem with resolutions is the follow through.

I would get lazy, lost or overwhelmed by something "more important."

Each time I would gain some momentum in my life, my mind would create these negative stories, causing me stop following through on trying to lose weight, recharge my career or do something meaningful for my quest to get my book published.

My mind held me back and made me feel stuck.

Over the last few years, I made this important realization: Finding a way to overcome our mind's negative overthinking is a powerful way to get unstuck. And it requires not some bold, unique strategy but a simple one.

To get unstuck and follow through on our goals, we need to break the pattern of overthinking, replacing it with something more useful -- even if it's for a brief moment.

... must... break... old... pattern

And so for 2014, I have developed a few tips that I have used daily to help interrupt the negative pattern of overthinking that keeps us from achieving our resolutions and goals and makes us feel stuck.

To get unstuck in life... to move forward on our 2014 goals, it helps to try these simple techniques whenever we encounter the disabling force of our overthinking mind.

I want to help you get unstuck in life because I truly believe that each of us are meant to be making a positive contribution to the place we work, the people who we love and the passion we pursue.

Here are 52 tips to get unstuck and move forward in 2014:

1. Accept things as they are not as you wish they were or ought to be

2. Don't listen to negative people

3. Start the morning off on the right foot by creating your vision for the day, listening to positive words, writing and creating

4. Read one page from an inspiring book

5. Take action right this minute

6. Get busy with a specific project

7. Insert positive ideas into your head proactively twice a day

8. Turn off the news

9. Stay away from gossip

10. Exercise for just 15 minutes each day

11. Take a course, a seminar or a class that teaches you something new

12. Do something really hard that requires your total concentration

13. Set a goal and work towards it

14. Believe that the possibility of success lies at the intersection of work and persistence

15. Listen to someone tell a story about their life

16. Learn one new skill

17. Read a book that teaches you something

18. Change your body's posture

19. Call a friend

20. Get off Facebook and social media for a half a day

21. Write down what you really want to achieve in your life... write from the heart not from your head

22. Attend a meetup or a conference where you're likely to meet interesting people

23. Take a lesson on how to swim, play tennis or any other sport

24. Read a biography about someone interesting you admire

25. Find someone who's doing what you want to do and say to yourself, "If he/she can do it, why CAN'T I?" and get busy doing it

26. Feed your body natural foods

27. Decrease your caffeine and increase water intake

28. Meditate or connect with your higher self each day

29. Smile at the smallest things

30. Watch an inspirational movie that lifts you up

31. Talk to someone who has been through a rough time and ask them what they learned

32. Take small actions towards your bigger goal every single day

33. Pinch yourself each time you start going down a negative spiral of thoughts

34. Have 4 or 5 rituals that you do every single day no matter what happens

35. Celebrate the small milestones because it fuels your momentum towards your bigger success

36. Ignore the critics because you know the real truth: that you are unstoppable

37. Start a conversation with a total stranger at the supermarket or coffee shop

38. Stop believing that others are more fortunate than you -- because you don't know the chaos that people have been through

39. Participate, contribute and share

40. Volunteer for a tough assignment, project or task

41. Travel to an unknown place and force yourself to take public transportation when you get there

42. Eat and drink at the right time of the day, when your body needs it

43. Set a compelling goal for yourself for 3 months and put it on a piece of paper and stick it all of your home where you see it morning, noon and night

44. Start without having a complete plan. Most of us figure it out as we go.

45. Take every rejection or problem as an offering from life for you to grow

46. Be strong in your beliefs but flexible with your plans

47. Say YES more often

48. Work really, really hard at something you believe in

49. Spend more time doing than planning

50. Recognize that your future is unwritten and being created right now

51. Put as much trust and faith in yourself as you have in someone you respect

52. Use your hands to fix something that needs your effort

Learning to get unstuck in life doesn't have to be so complicated.

It can be as simple as making a call, writing something down, going somewhere and meeting people.

The key is to stop overthinking the future or the direction in your life and to start doing something. Anything that brings out our abilities, our purpose and our passion.

No one will have the perfect path, the perfect job, the perfect career or perfect life because perfection is an illusion. Once we learn to accept the ups and downs and simply move forward, we will get unstuck in life and start living.

I wish you great success, prosperity, success, happiness and lots of fun in 2014.

-- Bob Miglani