56 New Ways To Repurpose A Mason Jar This Summer

We know, we know, mason jars again? Believe it or not, this uber-versatile craft goodie is still being reinvented. From summer cocktail glasses to hanging planters and even mosquito-fighting candles, your collection of mason jars can take on a new meaning.
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I'm constantly finding myself going through old pictures. This was from a unique shoot I did with a local photography company. A Daydreamer's Garden.
I'm constantly finding myself going through old pictures. This was from a unique shoot I did with a local photography company. A Daydreamer's Garden.

We know, we know, mason jars again? Believe it or not, this uber-versatile craft goodie is still being reinvented. From summer cocktail glasses to hanging planters and even mosquito-fighting candles, your collection of mason jars can take on a new meaning with just a simple dip of paint and a bit of creativity. Check out these whopping 56 ways to repurpose your jars and put them to good use.


1. Polka Dot Jars: A few dots of puffy paint go a long way. Allow the adorable, fruit-inspired jars to dry overnight and you are ready to go. (via Whipperberry)


2. Hanging Macrame Vase: Show off the knots you learned back in Girl Scouts and string up this one-of-a-kind vase. (via Brit + Co)


3. Key Lime Pie: No bake and already divvied up? This is the perfect summer dessert to impress your guests. (via A Million Moments)


4. Vertical Herb Garden: Take your herb garden to new heights with this vertical planter tutorial. (via Brit + Co)


5. Summertime Sun Tea: Assemble the drinks and let the sun do all the work for you. Your guests will thank you for it. (via Thirsty for Tea)


6. Fabric Flower Vases: Raid your scrap pile and you'll have cute new vases in no time. (via Dwelling In Happiness)


7. Mason Jar Aquarium: Have the kids each make their own underwater creation and take the opportunity to do a little ocean lesson. This project is so much fun they will never suspect they're learning at the same time. (via Hello, Wonderful)


8. Balloon-Dipped Jars: No messy paint or tape required here -- just good old-fashioned balloons. (via Brit + Co)


9. Fancy Tumbler: Now you can drink your iced coffee in style. (via Pretty Providence)


10. Superhero Bank: Get your little sidekick excited about saving with a super cool bank they helped make. (via Fireflies + Mudpies)


11. Chalkboard Lid Labels: A simple coat of chalkboard paint will let you know what's in stock at a single glance. (via Momtastic)


12. Cocktail Gift: This is one favor you'll want to give out at the start of the party. (via Something Turquoise)


13. Citronella Candles: Add a little mood lighting and keep those pesky insects away at the same time. This one is an all-around winner. (via Marty's Musings)


14. Picnic Caddy: Use it as a silverware caddy or stick a few flameless candles in the jars for instant ambiance. (Clean and Scentsible)


15. Storage Shelf: Give yourself a little extra storage without actually sacrificing your counter space. You will be amazed you didn't think of this sooner. (via Poofy Cheeks)


16. Cozies: These cozies only take a few minutes to make and would be a great thank-you gift for any summer party. (via I Heart Naptime)


17. Layered Crayon Candle: Don't toss out that pile of broken crayons! Reuse them to make a new colorful layered candle instead. (via Hello Giggles)


18. Cupcake Holder: We're suckers for pretty packaging, and this one takes the cake ;) (via Nellie Bellie)


19. Painted Succulent Planter: Place a few rocks in the bottom of each jar for added drainage and remember not to overwater. Even the most novice gardener can keep these babies flourishing. (via Lolly Jane)


20. Cupcake Wrapper Storage: Instead of shoving all your cupcake wrappers in the back of the cabinet, put them on display and add color to your countertop. (via Table for Two Blog)


21. Glitter Vase: Every day is a good day when you have a glittery vase full of fresh flowers on your table. (via Perfect Wedding)


22. Hair Station: Mismatched knobs and hanging jars make this storage solution as practical as it is pretty. (via Nefotlak)


23. Lego Head Jars: Throwing a LEGO party this summer? Save your jars and make these adorable decorations to add a bit of flair to any table. (via Beau Coup)


24. Upcycled Belt Lantern: Run to the thrift store and buy every (faux) leather belt you can find. Then come home and make a few of these lanterns for your patio makeover. (via Nothstory)


25. American Flag Jars: Perfect for all the upcoming patriotic holidays, these painted jars are easy to put together and make a big impact. (via Mason DePax)


26. Monogram Light: Is there anything you can't do with a mason jar? (via Oleander and Palm)


27. Bride and Groom Jars: These would look adorable at a bridal shower or on the dessert table at the wedding. You'll be looking for every excuse to display this dapper pair. (via The 36th Avenue)


28. Gold Stripes: Gold spray paint can do no wrong in our books. (via Your Homebased Mom)


29. Match Stick Jar: Holy match sticks! You'll never have to dig through your junk drawer for a lighter ever again. (via The DIY Playbook)


30. Mini Pies: Use the lid to cut out crusts for individual chocolate pies. These little gems are *almost* too cute to eat. (via Brit + Co)


31. Pallet Wood Planter: Grab the next pallet you find and let your kitchen table make a huge statement. (via I Heart Nap Time)


32. Patina Paint Job: With just a few simple steps, you can make your jars looks like they've been around for decades even though you just took them out of the box. (via Suburble)


33. Picnic in a Jar: If nothing else, this is a surefire way to get your kids to eat their vegetables so they can get to that cookie at the bottom. (via The Gunny Sack)


34. Salt + Pepper Shakers: In under an hour, you can have a pair of salt and pepper shakers to perfectly match your kitchen decor. (via Landeelou)


35. Gold-Dipped Planter: Hang your favorite herbs from a tension rod by the kitchen window for easy access during the dinner rush. (via Sincerely, Sara D)


36. Dirt Pudding: Made of layers of chocolate pudding, cool whip and crushed Oreo cookies, these pudding are so good even the adults will love them. (via Better in Bulk)


37. Utensil Holder: The buffet line will move with ease once you put out this DIY utensil holder. Attach it to the fence for a more permanent solution if you constantly eat al fresco. (via Design, Dining and Diapers)


38. Soap Dispenser: Throw out that old plastic soap dispenser (but save the pump!) and give your kitchen a straight-from-the-magazine look. (via Love Grows Wild)


39. Solar Lamp: These are perfect for adding a warm glow to any outdoor get-together. (via Creative Cain Cabin)


40. Terrarium: Get your hands dirty and make a living terrarium. Your kiddos will love putting in each layer and watching it thrive on the windowsill. (via Parent Pretty)


41. Toothbrush Holder: Now even your toothbrush can get the Mason jar treatment. (via Country Chic Cottage)


42. Tinted Jar Candle: It's like getting two tutorials in one! Learn how to tint your jars and then make a candle inside. (via Something Turquoise)


43. Twine Holder: Does your ribbon and twine end up a tangled mess? Well, not anymore with this bad boy. (via 'a Casarella)


44. Rainbow Cake: These cakes are baked right in the jar and will add just the right amount of whimsy to any party. (via Lovely Little Details)


45. Craft Kit in a Jar: Know someone who likes to get their DIY on? Give them a customized craft kit in, you guessed it, a Mason jar! (via The Gunny Sack)


46. Easy Buffet Service: Create a grab-and-go station so guests get their napkin, silverware and cup at the same time. Everything will be streamlined so you're not running around looking for extra forks at the last second. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


47. Whipped Cream: Now you can have whipped cream that's better than the store-bought stuff with just a few flicks of the wrist. (via Saveur)


48. Storage Jars: Gather a few different knobs to make a collection of storage jars that double as decorative art. (via Lolly Jane)


49. Air Freshener: If there's one room in the house that could use an air freshener, it's the bathroom. At least this one is nice to look at. (via Creek Line House)


50. Pin Cushion: Whip up a quick pin cushion and corral all your loose sewing needles before you have to find them the hard way. (via Wait Til Your Father Gets Home)


51. Ice Cream: Pre-scoop ice cream and set out a buffet of toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips for a refreshing summer dessert. (via Pen and Paper Flowers)


52. Kids' Table Favors: Fill the jars with things like crayons, a snack and a small toy, and the kids will be happily entertained all afternoon. (via Brides)


53. Makeup Jar: Are you a glass-half-full kind of girl? Then this one's for you. (via Birchbox)


54. Red Velvet in a Jar: Bake your favorite red velvet cupcakes, then take them apart and stuff them in a jar. Attach a wooden spoon and you're done. (via Cakies)


55. Sprinkles Pen Holder: Here's a simple and unexpected new use for sprinkles. (via The Farm Chicks)


56. Glitter Vase: A layer of pink glitter makes this iridescent vase stand out from all the rest. (via My Common Slice of Suburbia)

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