5Ws WHO Sculpture Project: Public Art Invades SoMa (PHOTOS)

Artists are asking questions in SoMa. And it's up to the community to provide answers.

Intersection for the Arts unveiled the first in its series of five public installations Wednesday night in Mint Plaza. The sculpture is part of the 5Ws project: an effort to install question words throughout SoMa.

"Who" was the first word revealed. The ten foot, 300 pound steel sculpture takes the form of a larger, illuminated bench. The piece was conceived by artist Ana Teresa Fernandez and designer Johanna Grawunder.

The graffiti-inspired letters are meant to evoke a larger message.

"This sculpture was meant to be functional as well as inspirational: A table, a bench, but also a platform to be used almost like a soapbox, where ideas and words get revealed," Fernandez told 7x7.

Over the next few months, additional installations with the four remaining question words will be placed throughout SoMa. The pieces are meant to provoke conversation.

5W project is part of the 5MPlaceWorks program, a partnership between Intersection for the Arts and the 5M Project. The program uses artists to perpetuate community change. In addition to the question word installations, the project includes community chalkboards, workshops and street furniture.

Take a look at renderings of the 5Ws installations below:

5Ws Public Art Installation