$6 Billion In Campaign Funds Could Pay For Half Of FEMA'S Budget (INFOGRAPHIC)

Though this year's election lacked the history-making narrative of 2008, it did set a different kind of record -- the heftiest price tag for any election.

The Center for Responsive Politics estimated that the most expensive campaign of all time cost around $6 billion, which is $700 million more than what was spent in 2008.

Candidates can attribute much of this spending to the more than 1 million presidential ads aired between June 1 and Oct. 29 -- an all-time high, according to the Fiscal Times.

To put it into perspective, the campaign funds could cover 4 billion AA batteries for displaced Hurricane victims, 858 million six-packs of Budweiser, and pay for the entire population of Texas to go skydiving.

But in all seriousness, that money could also have done a lot of good things. See the infographic below from Avaaz on how campaign funds could be used to fund disaster relief, fight global disease and provide universal education.


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