6 Daily Irritations We Don't Talk About

In my practice as a clinical psychologist, as an observer of people and as a participant in everyday life I am aware of what makes people tick. I am aware of what makes you brighten up and have those pleasurable magic moments. I am also painfully aware of those little moments that drive women of all ages just a little bit crazy and makes you want to rip your hair out. I am very much aware that men have these moments too but for this article I polled women. One group at a time, right?

I hope that you get some relief knowing that you are not alone in feeling just a little bit irked as you go through the day. As I interviewed women I noticed that their annoyances fall into a few basic categories-back to that in a moment. First, I would like to share with you the impetus for this article and what I find especially annoying. It's been a secret up until now but since you shared your secrets it's only fair that I share mine.

On Friday nights I go to my trusty magazine store and buy my favorite gossip magazines. This is my guilty pleasure and is supposed to be a stealth operation. Imagine my chagrin when the cashiers consistently feel the need to peruse the magazines and comment on the articles. This calls attention to my guilty pleasure and I get just a little bit more than embarrassed and annoyed.

So getting back to some categories that women have told me about:

1. Food
You don't like it when your non-dessert eating friends help themselves to your dessert. Nor do you like it when they protest about ordering the french fries and then proceed to eat yours.

2. Computer Problems
You panic when the Internet is down, when you can't figure out how to post something or even how to send a link. I get this. These computer problems can rock your world especially since many of you were not raised with computers and the Internet. Hey, it's understandable.

3. Repetitive Tasks
We all like to experience a sense of completion. It's no wonder that those daily tasks like loading and unloading dishwashers can be irksome. It can sort of feel like being on a treadmill of chores that just keep re-emerging.

4. Running Out of Things
This can range from having to drive for 30 minutes to get one item to finding out that that last can of diet soda is gone. Oh, the little things don't seem so little anymore!

5. Driving Issues
We all dislike people who startle us by honking, those who sit at a green light texting or applying lipstick and, of course, tailgaters.

6. Unnecessary Comments
You are having a good day and then your coworker, acquaintance etc. points out that you look tired. What on earth is the intention of this person and what should your response be? I don't know that answer. What I do know is that this comment makes most of you feel dreadful.

There must be many more irritations that we deal with. I will write a part two once I hear from you. Carry on and keep notes.
Try to have a great day!