6 Unusual Ways to Make Facebook Ads Boost Business


It can be hard to learn how to create effective advertising when you first get into social media marketing, but there are some guidelines you can follow for good results.

That's what you will get here, 6 ways to create a Facebook marketing campaign that will boost your sales and jump start your business.

When you want more details on how to run Facebook ad campaigns, try the beginner's guide from AdEspresso.

1. Ask Followers To Create Content For You?

Yes, an easy way to get "free" ads made for you is to ask those that are interested in your brand to take or create photos of what they like about your product or service.


You can even offer a prize or contest of some sort, or just a chance for the best ads they make to go on your profile to your followers. People love attention, and if you're just starting out, this strategy can be an excellent way to create engagement.

2. Change Your Ad Campaign As You Go Along

When you are creating ads, you must watch the stats on how they are performing during your campaign(s).


If you find that not a lot of business is coming from your ad campaign (maybe you get likes and traffic, but no conversions!), you need to use tools that Facebook gives you to alter how much resources you're putting into each ad.

You can adjust posting times, who you're trying to reach, images, titles, ad text, cost per click or impression (how many times the ad is shown) and anything else you have access to in regards to your advertisements through their service.

3. People Love Quotes And Top Tips Articles

You can get people to share a quote, an image or a blog post of tips fairly easily.


Then you can make sure that your link is somewhere in the text of what people are sharing to get the word out about your business.

Make sure you don't steal anything from your competition and try to pass it off as if you own it. That will just cause issues between you and others, and eventually may end in you having to take down the content anyways.

4. Watch As Users Vote For What They Like

There are built in voting buttons on Facebook. For instance, if someone wants to share something, you can see that they like it.


There's also a button on everything you share that says "Like". If people are clicking that, it means that they enjoy the post and are basically asking for more of the same thing.

You need to look at each ad you put out there and whether or not people are sharing or liking them. If not, then you will know that something must change and you have to create things that are far more likely to be shared.

5. Adjust Your Posting Schedule

Go to your website you're trying to get people to visit for your products and services to check over your site analytics. You can see when people are visiting, and if it coincides with posts that you make on Facebook. (TIP: Inside the Facebook Ads Manager, you also have access to a wealth of statistics and reporting)


If you find that you're not getting a lot of results from when your ads are up, then you may want to think about whether or not your audience is even around a computer or mobile device surfing the web at that time. Adjust posting times and eventually you'll find a spot where posts can get the most attention possible before getting buried. TIP: research this for your market. In some industries, the weekends can be better than during the week, or a combination thereof.

6. Know All Interactions Are Public

Online everyone can see what you say, even if you are thinking it's a private conversation. It wouldn't be hard for someone on the other end of a conversation to be recording your chat with screen capture software.


You want to make sure you realize that sometimes servers get hacked too, releasing your private messages to others.

If you're going to do anything online, treat it as if others are listening in. If someone is giving you a hard time, you can just ignore them and be the bigger person instead of lashing out and then looking bad for it.

The tips you've been given here are going to assist you when you need to get more out of Facebook for your company. New or old people in business can get this to work out to their advantage. Now You have the right tools and can get started.

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