6 Easy Tips to Exercise Your Intuition

Intuition pushes you to have courage, to surpass obstacles and surpass opportunities that life throws at you, like making the best decision for your wellbeing. This wonderful feeling helps you anticipate the result of a certain decision and also helps you find the solution you really need.
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Just like your body instantly reacts to danger, or you use your intellect to find the solution to your problems, your intuition is your guide through life to help you take the best decisions for your wellbeing. Unfortunately, the muscle of the intuition is not well developed even though it's the one that sometimes screams at us.

Intuition, sometimes known as a gut feeling, does not come from reason or logic, as it is born from the energy that puts our body to function, and therefore it is very hard to explain with words.

Have you ever had that feeling that somebody is going to call you over the phone and in that moment the phone rings with that same person? It happens all the time with my mother and me. Have you ever had the feeling that you shouldn't do something, but instead, you do it anyways and then find yourself in a bad or worst situation than before? Or, I'm sure that you've met someone or gone somewhere and all of a sudden you get a strange feeling and you get goose bumps all over your body, arms and neck.

All that my friends, is called intuition, and it's constantly talking to you. The problem is that you are not used to listening to it. It is that first sense of being alert when you are about to do something beyond reason. However, this feeling only lasts a few seconds and if you don't catch it in the moment, then logic steps in to make decisions for you and you automatically lose connection with your inner knowledge.

Intuition pushes you to have courage, to surpass obstacles and surpass opportunities that life throws at you, like making the best decision for your wellbeing. This wonderful feeling helps you anticipate the result of a certain decision and also helps you find the solution you really need. Today, I challenge you to be alert in order to find and develop this sixth sense that you have inside of you and experiment with the value and effectiveness of its recommendations, even though you may not like them or even put them into practice.

Because of intuition, you will be able to make decisions without being impulsive and you will be able to have your thoughts in order without having any emotional weight or prejudice. Intuition will protect and guide you through the better path, so when you start using it in your life and realize the power it has, nobody will be able to stop you from achieving your goals.

In order to develop your intuition, think of it as another muscle in your body that you constantly have to dedicate time and exercise if you want it to be strong and be able to use it effectivly daily.

The following are six tips I encourage you to try in order to strengthen and develop your intuition:

1. Connect to your feelings and listen to your body. Pay attention to your body's reactions to positive news and negative news throughout the day. Take note on those difficult or strange feelings you get in your stomach or chest; even in your skin. Notice what is going on with your body and the feelings you have; that is your intuition talking to you.

2. A good exercise is to write down your dreams each morning. It may be difficult at first, but in time you will see that you have more and more capacity to submerge yourself in your subconscious and gather information along with the possible messages from your dreams.

3. Have a notebook or diary with you in order to write down your feelings or the sensations you get when your intuition is talking to you through an inner voice or through your body. Try to guess what it is saying to you. A lot of times you may get important ideas, feel emotions or sensations but quickly disregard them in the moment. Don't let those feelings or ideas go away, write them down!

4. Another way to be in contact with your intuition is to relax your mind and meditate regularly. By taking deep breaths, quieting your thoughts and reaching for silence, you will be able to listen to your inner voice more clearly. It's a sensation you will feel within yourself, through images, through your body, even your subconscious. When you finally get these sensations, don't reject, judge or try to interpret them in that precise moment. Simply feel them, accept them and once you finish your meditation, write them down in a piece of paper.

5. In order to exercise your intuition, you must trust and believe in it otherwise it won't work. It's possible that you may doubt its impressions or signals; it may not even make sense what you're feeling or seem so easy that it can't possibly be the solution. Don't try to rationalize with your intuition, follow it and act upon it. Logic and intuition are not compatible. Leave your doubts aside and treat your intuition with the same attention and respect as you would with your best friend.

6. Finally, the best way to discover the power of your intuition is to use it in different occasions in order to exercise it and put it to good use. Anticipate the problem with a solution, take feedback from others, sense their reactions, weigh in your options and intuit how the story will continue. Intuition is creative, and therefore, you can search for it in all those activities where creativity and imagination exists, such as art, music or theater.

As Albert Einstein, one of the best minds of humanity said: "The only real valuable thing is intuition, it's a spark in the awareness that the solution brings, no one knows how or why. It is not about deciding everything logically, but also not completely ignoring the 'felt' ideas rather than 'designed' ones."

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