6 Easy Weeknight Dinners the Whole Family Will Love

Is your dinner rotation getting a little<em> too </em>routine? These easy weeknight meals will become fast family favorites.
06/27/2015 05:54am ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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Is your dinner rotation getting a little too routine? These easy weeknight meals will become fast family favorites.


With just a few essentials in your pantry -- like Thai green curry paste and coconut milk -- you're never more than 25 minutes away from this delicious meal, alive with the vibrant flavors of Thailand. GET THE RECIPE

No wok needed for this for this easy "takeout" dish of tender steak and crisp broccoli florets in a rich brown ginger and garlic sauce. GET THE RECIPE


In this easy recipe, salmon fillets are dusted with a homemade chili powder, then broiled and glazed with maple syrup. The spices create a delicious top crust and add a hint of heat and bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the syrup and richness of the salmon. GET THE RECIPE


This gourmet twist on chicken tenders appeals to kids and adults alike. The tenders are breaded in a mixture of pecans and panko, then pan-fried until crispy and golden and served with a creamy whole grain honey mustard sauce. GET THE RECIPE


The word fritter usually conjures up something heavy and deep-fried, but these zucchini pancakes are as light and delicate as can be. Serve them with tzatziki for a delicious vegetarian meal. GET THE RECIPE


These elegant meatballs topped with a tomato-balsamic glaze are made with ground chicken, which is a great alternative to ground beef and so much more flavorful than ground turkey. Serve them with buttered noodles and a vegetable for a well-rounded meal. GET THE RECIPE