6 Essential Cocktails for August Entertaining

August is the last month for lots of great summer fruits, but it's also the time to embrace the ones that are going to be around for a little bit longer.
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Summer fruits! Last call!

The last few weeks have been a blast, right? You tried the hot new pineapple drink tepache, you quenched your thirst with watermelon and didn't we show you how to keg one? (You're welcome for that.) You also kept it low alcohol with some refreshing aperitifs. Now it's time to pay homage to the fruits that kept your summer slammin' with some great fruity cocktails before they're out of the market for the rest of the year.

August is the last month for lots of great summer fruits, but it's also the time to embrace the ones that are going to be around for a little bit longer. We have a blueberry Mojito for you that you should drink now; we also have peach, strawberry and nectarine cocktails that showcase fruits in their prime. Drink up, because while we may be reaching the last stretch of summer, your cocktail game doesn't have to cool down with it.

Blackberries, Mint Juleps, Margaritas: There’s no better way to embrace summer than by combining these three elements. You may have a couple more months to enjoy the pleasures blackberries provide so make sure to bask in the bounty of Mint Juleps and Margaritas.
Get the recipe for the Blackberry Mint Julep Margarita.
Blueberries are a true summer staple and when the season starts to wind down, it’s best to get your fresh fill. The Açaí Blueberry Mojito will help quench your thirst while also getting a dose of antioxidants. Swap the rum for some açaí vodka and you have a tasty drink that you can almost sell to your personal trainer.
Get the recipe for the Açaí Blueberry Mojito.
Need a break from summer fruit? The Tallulah is a simple solution. Peanuts are starting to harvest this month and deserve a spot on your cocktail ingredient list. Add a bit of whiskey and some tried-and-true Coca Cola and you’ve made a fizzy, sweet and nutty drink that will last you the rest of summer and into the beginning of fall.
Get the recipe for the Tallulah.
You didn’t think we’d let the summer pass without a little peach action, did you? The Peach Tequila Melba is a sweet, creamy cocktail that combines tequila, Chambord and grilled peaches for a thick cocktail fit for late summer. For those of you who don’t mind putting a little bit of work into a great cocktail experience, what can we say? Put this in your mouth right now.
Get the recipe for the Peach Tequila Melba.
Ready to go sweet and spicy? Add nectarines and serranos to your late-summer repertoire. The Nectarine and Serrano Pepper Cachaça Wine Cocktail is a fine alternative for sangria lovers everywhere. Cachaça amplifies the booze factor in a cocktail that brings the farmers market right to your glass.
Get the recipe for the Nectarine and Serrano Pepper Cachaça Wine Cocktail.
It’s never a bad day for strawberries, so why not add them to a classic cocktail? This fruity twist on the classic combines pisco, egg white and lime juice with a strawberry-rose syrup that you can make at home. If Chile and Peru are still fighting over the traditional Pisco Sour, wait until they find out about this one.
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