6 Essential Steps To Redefine Your Life After 50

So life isn’t panning out the way you hoped...
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OK my Wonderful Wild Women -

Let’s get straight to the heart of it….

You are in your 40s, 50s or 60s and are feeling “stuck,” you have tried several things to move on ― but it just hasn’t worked.

You feel stuck and lacking the vibrant self you know is inside. Life isn’t panning out the way you hoped.

Drifting around the edge of life feeling as if you are unseen and unheard, you still have hope but dammit - it’s just not happening.

All the coping tools you have built up during your life that worked perfectly well up to this point are now totally useless! Nothing is working..

Your angels have left the building - Guides? what guides!! There’s none there to help you get through this crap except you.

It’s time to get the guts-up and stand-up and … put those hard-learned skills to good use.

This calls for strength, passion, determination, grit and so much humour it hurts.

You have hit MIDLIFE, you may be divorced, married or single, your kids have left and you are feeling lifeless and lost!!

I’m going to offer you several steps to get through this time of turmoil….god help us - we need it (some help that is)….


Your married life is changing (or gone completely), your job or business is not making you happy any more, your kids are or have grown up, left home and are not asking you where their socks are any more, it’s time for you to LET GO!

1. Let go of filling your time in with tasks for your kids (who are no longer there, can make their own lunch and don’t answer the phone when you call them anyway)

2. Redefine what your job is giving you - and ask for more! I’m not talking money here - but that’s always a nice idea - I’m talking fulfilment, enjoyment, camaraderie and recognition. If this means having to find somewhere that does offer what you desire - so be it.

Be bold and daring


You know you want to.

Dream of the things you REALLY want for your future - now that the kids are gone and you don’t have to organise family holidays - which are fun! BUT, that time is now over..it’s time to switch the preferences and make you the priority.

Just think…..

  • art galleries,
  • booking a flight to a distant country,
  • staying with indigenous tribes in another country,
  • a bike ride and take a tent!

The dreams are endless - it’s time to embrace the possibilities!

There’s no need to NOT do something you’d love to do. It’s time to move.


STEP 3: THROW OUT YOUR STUFF (and give theirs back to them).

We keep all their school stuff, our family photos and other important things - but there comes a time when we can give them to who they belong.

Go through all your drawers and give away or throw out things that of no relevance to your new, unfettered life. You can downsize your home, have less furniture AND leave space for your new life.


You may have a few wrinkles, sunspots, a few scars even The legs may have a few lumps and bumps that just don’t leave. Your arms might be a bit saggy in places…………..but


Not in your arms, legs, skin. Not in your families opinion. Not in the media’s expectations!! You are you - and always will be - always have been and are that person right now.

You’ve never changed but you have managed to cope in a very difficult situation and come out on top. There’s no need to go back and stay in the past - there is a need to move forward and jump into the icy lake of breathtaking beauty to jumpstart your heart again.

To feel the beauty you are infused with and emanate.

Glow with your glory and bathe in your light.


Think big and think back

Remember what you loved as a child? the joy?

THIS is your opportunity to pioneer yourself into the person you love and respect.

Inspire your own being, be excited!

Allow your own thoughts and dreams to give your body a shiver of expectation!

Believe in your own disbelief at how simply possible it is to have the things

you have always dreamed of....and…I’m talking true freedom and confidence in your own abilities.



Stand tall, throw those shoulders back, swing those hips.

Be large and look people in the eye.

Show your love, but not your pity

Show your peaceful and strong heart, but not your pain.

You are the woman you dreamt of being,

You are a warrior, a wise woman.

You owe no-one your downward looks, your feelings of betrayal or your

bitterness and grief at getting older - it’s no ones fault…it just is and it’s


YOU owe the world your knowledge and understanding - this is yours to

share with confidence and joy.

These are your 6 steps to wonderful midlife womanhood (You can

always add more!)

Embrace these and you will give yourself the permission to be who you are - not who you think you should be.

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