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6 Essentials for Living the Total Life Package

Successful, wealthy, happy individuals know the key to happiness comes in being consistent students of life who are humbled and inspired through the development of themselves.
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Those people who live the Total Life Package pursue self-development on a consistent basis. The truly happy know they can only grow their lives to the extent they grow themselves. The defining qualities of their lives are not centered in ego, skill, talent or a large paycheck; rather, their lives are centered in who they are, who they desire to become and their unceasing motivation to get there.

There are too many unhappy, miserable people who take large paychecks to validate any assumption that money brings happiness. Successful, wealthy, happy individuals know the key to happiness comes in being consistent students of life who are humbled and inspired through the development of themselves.

1. Be Self-Reflective.

To live the Total Life Package dedicate yourself to the pursuit of self-awareness. Through self-awareness you harness the ability to accurately observe your own emotions and understand your behavioral tendencies across situations. To genuinely understand your emotions you must spend significant time thinking about them to figure out where they come from and why they are there.

This kind of self-reflection makes you remarkably clear on knowing what you do well, what motivates and satisfies you and which people and situations push your buttons. Being self-reflective makes you far more likely to pursue healthy relationships, the right opportunities and to use your strengths to keep your emotional reactions in check so they don't hold you back.

2. Self-control.

To be truly content in life you must possess strong skills in self-management. Use the awareness you have of your emotions to actively choose what you do and say in any given situation, no matter how heated the situation may be. When you have your negative patterns understood you are more able to take a pause between thoughts and subsequent costly actions.

Learn the self-control of patience. Patience is a hard earned wisdom because the space of waiting is always challenging and difficult to live out. However, when you understand that fear will drive you to act too soon you become more able to pause and think before taking action. As hard as patience is, it helps you outlast your negative perceptions and reactive emotions. Having self-control keeps you from saying and doing things which largely hijack your ability experience living the Total Life Package.

When confident people come upon hard times of great uncertainty in life or business, as hard as it is, they wait. You must learn not make emotional decisions. In waiting you will be able to make rational decisions, thereby increasing your potential for success, health, wealth and happiness, as you live with very little regret or mess to clean up.

3. Productive.

When you are living the Total Life Package you understand happiness is a byproduct of achieving. You cannot be happy unless you are producing and making a measurable difference in the world and in the lives of others. You must be passionate in your pursuits and desire to have your special mark on the world be tangible and visible. For you, the game of life is not about leisure. Leisure has its place but you understand that happiness comes when responsibility is placed before leisure. Rest is used for recharging.

The real purpose of life comes through examining who you are and who you want to become. For you to live the Total Life Package see your life as the journey of being and becoming everything you desire. Self-development must be at the crux of your mission, as you can only receive to the level you grow. If you stop growing who you are, you place limits on what you can achieve. If you are not actively getting better, you are aware you are only getting worse.

4. Strong inner circle.

In living the Total Life Package healthy relationships/friendships are your greatest support. To be happy and healthy you cannot deny yourself the time you need to develop these connective networks. You understand there is nothing more important than being able to fall back on a loving support system. No financial success could ever trump the extraordinary benefit of love, connection and a deep sense of belonging.

For this reason you must invest deeply in your inner circle, knowing those you invest in will naturally reciprocate that investment back to you, as you would choose nothing less for yourself than mutually beneficial, loving relationships. It is your relationships which inspire you to keep going when things are great and most importantly when things in life get tough.

Find your sense of security in your inner circle, not in your paycheck. Love is permanent and money can be fleeting so to remain solid count on those closest to you with the upmost gratitude and respect.

5. Faith.

To be healthy and happy actively engage in some form of spirituality or faith. Having a strong sense of faith inspires the deep belief in the idea that everything has a purpose and will turn out ok. This type of belief system helps you develop the resilience you need to keep going when things look bleak.

Faith requires dedication and study. Faith is fundamental to success of all kinds. Without a faith driven life, there would be no such thing as relationship, business or life success. Wherever you go, work or home, bring a strong sense of faith with you. Infect those whom you surround. In this way you upgrade each environment or relationship you inhabit to be more positive and fulfilling.

6. Balanced priorities.

To live the best life experience possible pay close attention to business, love and life. Make sure you rarely miss anything life has to offer. Do your best not to miss a game, a dinner out with friends, or a performance. Maximize quality moments of time with your significant others, movie dates and vacations etc. Embrace every area of life because if you miss out on one thing it only stresses you out about other things.

There is always a way to make time and find the balance necessary to have both happiness and success. Simply see the value in both and do not prioritize business over connection or connection over business. Manage your time well enough so you have time for both and are able to commit to both with equal presence, love and dedication. To live the Total Life Package, believe you can live a vibrant life. Have the trust that if you live well that you will also earn well.

The successful never miss opportunities for personal and love connection because it is these relationships which further inspire their need to succeed. In each day the truly successful remember who they are, what they have, and the reasons they work so hard to do what they do. They live the Total Life Package because they know the greatest gift they can give is to care about others, to be able to provide for them, with them, and succeed because of them.

Sherapy Advice: The happiness and fulfillment you experience can be felt by others when in your presence. Be authentic.