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6 Essentials for Your Vegan Kitchen

The time has come to dispel the many myths about vegan eating.
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There are many myths out there surrounding vegan eating. People think vegan food is bland, strange, lacking protein, difficult to find, and on and on. Now, Green Monsters, the time has come to dispel these myths. The good news is that so many vegan products are on supermarket shelves these days that no one should shun the vegan diet because of the fears mentioned above. To ensure a happy vegan belly, you'll firstly need to load up on fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. In addition, you'll need to stock up on some basic essentials; we've put together a list to help you do just that!

1. Kick Ass Condiments

The first step to stocking your vegan kitchen is ensuring that you have plenty of condiments. The right condiments are key because they have the ability to add wonderful spices and flavors that will make your veggies, plant-based proteins, grains, and legumes sing. To that end, venturing away from your normal supermarket aisles into the international aisles will open up a new array of condiment options. Check out this list to find out the 10 must-have vegan condiments.

2. Crunchy and Cool Cereal

Next, you are going to need some great cereal options for that most important meal of the day. A good breakfast, meaning one that provides fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates, while also being low in sugar and processed foods, has been shown to rev your metabolism, lead to healthier eating throughout the day, and boost your concentration, productivity, and memory. Of course, we would all like a healthy start to our day, and that's why hot cereals are perfect. They are full of fiber. protein, and whole grains, and can easily be dressed up or down and made savory or sweet. More importantly, you need a breakfast that can be prepared quickly in the morning. That's why we made this list containing 10 healthy hot cereal picks, most of which can be cooked in five minutes or less.

3. Delicious Waffle and Pancake Mixes

What if you are looking for a more decadent breakfast for your Sunday brunch? There is no better weekend breakfast than freshly made pancakes and waffles, but making them from scratch is not always plausible. Mixes are great for quickly whipping up these delicious breakfast items, but most mixes have some non-vegan, not to mention scary sounding, ingredients. Next time you need to make some vegan pancakes or waffles, use one of the mixes from this list of super vegan waffle and pancake mixes.

4. Dairy-free Milk and Creamers

Chances are you also need a morning cup of Joe to get your day going. But, what can you put in there if you've sworn off milk and all other dairy derivatives? Most non-dairy creamers not only have a slew of tongue-twisting ingredients, but also contain the ingredient sodium caseinate, a derivative of casein (the protein found in milk), meaning they are not suitable for vegans. But, if you can't imagine drinking your coffee without a splash of creamer, check out the list of amazing dairy-free creamers or check out some plant-based milks.

5. Awesome Snacks

No vegan pantry is complete without some snacking options, so what better than snacks that are both healthy and delicious? Worried about your protein intake? We've got snacks for you. Want to add some superfoods into your diet. We've got recommendations for those. All you really want is a candy bar, you say? Well, we've got a list for those, too.

6. Turbo-Charged Smoothie Boosters

If you are a super healthy Green Monster, than you probably drink green smoothies on a regular basis. While, on their own, green smoothies are a powerful way to get loads of nutrients into your diet, you may want to kick yours up a notch. If that's the case, try adding one (or more) of the smoothie boosters from this list. And there you have it. Your shelves will be stocked and your tummy will be happy. Now go spread the word about these delicious vegan pantry staples.

Image Source: Cyril Caton/Flickr

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