6 Gifts For Older Moms Who Want Little But For You To Call

The gift guide for the "you never call, you never write" mother.

Yes, you've heard the joke "you never call, you never write." Well there's a little bit of stinging truth in that one for moms with adult kids who don't come around much. Our suggestion -- besides the obvious pick up the phone and start dialing -- is to bedazzle them with your gift selection this Mother's Day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. DEEBOT D79, the self-emptying robotic vacuum.

While the house may be far far cleaner now that you've moved out, believe it or not, somebody is still vacuuming it and chances are that's your mom. This robotic vacuum has oodles of smart features including side sweeper brushes, sensors to stop it from falling down the stairs, and a system to automatically detect the dust volume and adjust accordingly. The newest bit of vacuum bling is the dustbin automatically emptying itself after each cleaning. At $700, it's not cheap, but you should have called. The company also has window-cleaning robots should you want to go skiing over Christmas instead of going home.

2. Take the game on the road.

The simplicity of this will wow Mom, plus you will score extra brownie points for remembering those nights around the kitchen table doing puzzles and playing board games as a family when you were young. (You did do that, right?) 

These backgammon and chess/checkers games by Sondergut are $40 each and come in a sweet roll-up meant for travel. It rolls up to about the size of a pocket umbrella and the checkers pieces flip over for a game of chess. They fit easily in a suitcase, the car or RV. Come on, playing games is fun! And no screens were harmed in the inclusion of this item.



3. Viking 5-ply hard stainless cookware.

Right. What adult child in their right mind gives their mother cookware for Mother's Day? A smart one, that's who. Chances are, Mom still cooks even if you aren't around to eat the food -- shocking, right? And chances are, her cookware hasn't been updated in a half-century or so. The advances in cookware over the past few decades have been monumental. This set from Viking combines with a hard-anodized aluminum exterior and a non-reactive stainless steel interior. It's induction-capable and dishwasher safe. And since Mom likely hasn't seen you in ages, why not invite yourself over for dinner to road-test the new pots and pans?

Suggested retail for open stock ranges from $165 to $450. The 10-piece set has a suggested retail price of $1,580, but watch for an upcoming promotion where you can get it for $600.


4. Biaggi foldable travel bags.

It's hard to find good quality, durable luggage that doesn't take up valuable storage space in a downsized home. Biaggi bags hit all those marks. And by foldable, we mean this pup goes flat. Carryon totes with oodles of compartments are $79; wheeled carryons start at $179. 

P.S. Tell her she'll need the bags for the trip you're taking her on and she will never bring up the absence of calls again.

 5. Withings watch tells way more than time.

The Activité Watch counts your steps, sleep and swimming activities in real time. Withings devices all communicate with each another through a free phone app. They have a Wi-Fi scale and a blood pressure monitor as well. With stainless steel casing and a battery that lasts up to eight months, this watch will encourage your mom to take care of herself. After all, she's important to you. The watch can be worn in water. $180, retail. 

6. Let her know you think of her every month.

While there are plenty of flower, fruit and wine clubs that will send out a package once a month, how about one for Moms who regard germs as Public Enemy No. 1? Yes, for a monthly fee of $14.99, a Qbox by Squix of germ-killing products will come her way. The program works like this: She completes a questionnaire about her germ-fighting needs and Squix will free-ship her a customized box of goodies, plus a monthly gift surprise. And each time it comes, who will she think of? You, that's who.

Still undecided? Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but according to a survey by Swagbucks, 45 percent of moms said the top gift they were hoping to get is quality time spent with family.



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